2023 Oracle LA Sail Grand Prix | Ziua 1 | Sezonul 4

2023 Oracle LA Sail Grand Prix |  Ziua 1 |  Sezonul 4

Nu rata debutul SailGP la Hollywood. Urmăriți pentru a afla ce echipă își va vedea numele în lumini în Los Angeles. Abonați-vă aici: https://bit.ly/2IZR3n4 Like SailGP Pe Facebook: http://sail.gp/facebook Urmăriți SailGP Pe Twitter: http://sail.gp/twitter Urmăriți SailGP Pe Instagram: http://sail.gp/Instagram Fiți la curent cu buletinul informativ SailGP: http://sail.gp/signup SailGP navighează redefinit. Înființat în 2018 și cu sediul la Londra, SailGP este un campionat sportiv anual, global, care oferă tehnologie îndrăzneață, de ultimă oră și atletism uimitor. Cursele de coastă, centrate pe fani, au loc în unele dintre cele mai emblematice porturi de pe glob și culminează cu o cursă de meciuri de 1 milion de dolari în care câștigătorul ia tot. Echipe naționale rivale din Australia, Canada, Danemarca, Franța, Germania, Marea Britanie, Noua Zeelandă, Spania, Elveția și Statele Unite se luptă cu catamarane F50 supraalimentate identice, proiectate pentru curse intense la viteze electrizante de peste 50 de noduri (aproape 60 mph/100 km/h). #SailGP #PoweredbyNature


39 thoughts on “2023 Oracle LA Sail Grand Prix | Ziua 1 | Sezonul 4

  1. Good luck to the IT-Team of Sail GP. I hope, you get the jumping lines fixed. It must be horrible, to regognize this mistake happen – but the devil keeps laughing on… jumping when he likes 🙃

  2. Omg, the extra graphics are NOT worth all of the partial lagging & freezing. I quit watching because it's literally nauseating for me to watch anymore.

    Smooth video for the boats must be prioritized over graphics if you expect anyone to watch this. Just drop the stupid graphics when it gets this bad, please!

  3. Thanks for adding the wind direction. Please add the speed of the boats, I think that is a great feature. Lag was painful.

  4. Despite the lag, that was an awesome racing day! In fact, Race 2 might be one of the best SailGP races so far overall, the top FIVE were all so close together and you never knew what would happen next.

  5. How is it that a tech company can't make streaming video work in 2023. SailGP is truly amateur hour when it comes to it's events.

  6. Todd Whatsisname is really irritating. He adds nothing to what we can see for ourselves and should probably stay with football

  7. We know some of you noticed a few glitches in Day 1 of the Oracle LA SailGP, we did experience some technical difficulties due to frequency interference but this was resolved for Day 2!

  8. That penalty against NZ was absolutely rubbish. Biasing favour of underdog US does not make this a good sport to watch

  9. The only wind generated is against the direction of the sailboat. What is happening is that a foiling boat encounters less drag in the water. While we are used to "faster = more drag", with foiling boat faster can imply less drag if it allows foiling. Please find commentators that have a clue or at least don't spread misinformation.

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