Familia începe a doua circumnavigare

Familia începe a doua circumnavigare

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40 thoughts on “Familia începe a doua circumnavigare

  1. Hello guys, Nikki and Jason from SV Curiosity just Launched their new HH Curiosity two vessel and were asking where is the best place to store the EPIRB. Where do you store yours? I suggested the lifeboat/Dinghy.

  2. Excellent decision! I hope you are in SE Asia in 18 months so there is a chance we can meet you guys! We have a Royal Cape 50' under contract in Malaysia, and we will start our adventure in October, 2025.

  3. I absolutely understand your decision. And honestly I love and so much looking forward for new adventures and the new build. As a German/Austrian citizen I can tell that your husband is unbelievably lyoal, as we say Here "Eine Bank". 😊

  4. Great to hear you’re going around again. Thanks for posting the hilltop video of Moorea (my favourite). We bought a boat in Europe, sail Spring & Fall. Teresa’s cancer has now been in remission for 4-1/2 years. Kate’s teaching the Kiwis to sail in Auckland. Safe travels.

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