Navigați către cel mai faimos naufragiu din Mediterană – NAVAGIO! • S4:EP10

Navigați către cel mai faimos naufragiu din Mediterană - NAVAGIO!  • S4:EP10

În acest episod de navigație, vă ducem într-o vele la răsărit la uimitoarea și faimoasa plajă Shipwreck Beach – AKA Navagio! Este o manevră strânsă să ieșim din locul nostru de acostare la frumosul ancoraj din portul Agios Nikolaos, dar lucrăm bine împreună ca un cuplu și reușim. În urma turului nostru de epavă de dimineață devreme, ne luăm la revedere de la Zakynthos și navigăm spre Kefalonia pentru a continua aventurile noastre de navigație! Sperăm că vă place de acesta băieți și vă rugăm să asigurați-vă că dați like, distribuiți și lăsați-ne un comentariu pentru că ne place să auzim de la voi! xx Școala Joshua: MVA – Academia Virtuală a Minervei: Link-urile noastre: Site-ul nostru – Patreon – https://www.patreon .com/join/sailinghollyblue Muzică: TheFatRat & Anjulie – Aproape de soare – Cântecul Lauras – Toate celelalte muzică – https://www. #boatlife #sailing #sailboat


38 thoughts on “Navigați către cel mai faimos naufragiu din Mediterană – NAVAGIO! • S4:EP10

  1. Really enjoy the content and your med adventures with the whole family. I genuinely feel or would hope! most folk watch your videos for that alone. You don’t need the click bait photos it’s totally not necessary and feels a bit weird if I’m honest, just my opinion so please don’t shoot me

  2. Great episode, so relaxing, well, all except waking Laura up without coffee in hand lol. Loved how you said 5 minutes and she said 10 then her finger pointing 'you' while in the galley. 😅 I'm sure she'll figure a way to pay you back 🤣 I noticed the cat by the rocks on the shelf, is that 'sea glass'? I saw another channel talk about it and its beauty, might be something the boys would be interested in collecting? One more thing, at @18:2518:29 does that barrier wall open so you can access the other body of water behind it? – Jerry

  3. You're a family designed to help humanity awaken to their highest possibilities without that even being in your conscious intentions most of the time. Honestly transparent in your authenticity certainly supports the goal of harmonious unity for the good of all. Highest Loving Blessings

  4. Just finished up watching another awesome video of the Holly Blue crew. Each video gets better and better Ross & Laura. Such a relaxed rewarding life. Love more & more comments from your boys as they mature.Just finished one sailing trip, leaving on another in 3 weeks thanks to your videos. ♥️

  5. Guys, I think that's one of the best videos yet and I've watched them all from the beginning, what a perfect setting, brilliantly edited, with relaxing music, stunning scenery and amazing boys, even the cat seemed the cutest I've seen it. Amazing beautiful people in a beautiful setting. Questions for Ross: what cameras / mobiles are used for the selfie videos? – they are so crisp and clear. What software do you use to edit the videos? And how do you get your zoom in zoom out transitions, they look so good in the final edit. Excellent work!

  6. Approaching 70 and had to ask my son what a bait video was! Never even entered my head. I remember swimming in Greece in various amounts of clothing or not, purely for the fact that it was so hot. Love what a cool ‘gentlemanly ‘ looser at Chess, Josh is. Reflects his brilliant parents. Thank you again.

  7. The truth about the shipwreck is that it was doing primarily contraband mostly of cigarettes so the Greek coastal navy chased it upon discovering it and it's captain decided to hide on that bay but the weather pushed it out of the water. The other version simply doesn't stand for 2 reasons. If it was that the case many bays in Greece would have their shipwrecks since it so touristic attraction and you just can't really programm how a shipwreck actually is going to end up. I mean that there could be easily made not to end up on the shore but half into sea and half to the shore. Or the crew could be seriously injured or even someone die which is a very serious offence.

  8. In Kefallonia don't miss to go to these places :
    First Cave Lake Mellisani (you will see why there)

    Second to the Cave of Drogarati nearby to Mellisani. But be prepared on the way of returning on the surface the route is tiresome. The kids would most definetely need to make a couple of stops at least ( if you take them with you)

    To the lighthouse of Argostoli search nearby for the spot named Katavothres where you will witness the sea disappearing under the land.
    Nearby Drogarati and Mellisani is a small village of Karavomilos which is essentially near the sea lies one of the exits of the underground river that begins to Katavothres. The other exit is into Melissani Lake.

    To the southeast of the island there is a place named Kounopetra which means the ever lasting moving Rock. It's a huge Rock adjacent to the shore that before the 2014 earthquakes use to solely make small moves right and left. The explanation is that it sits to unstable soil that probably resembles like moving sand. There is no fear though on standing on top of it as thousands have visited and standed on to it.

    Lastly the best attraction is the mountain of AINOS the highest one in Kefallonia 1628 meter tall. You will definetely need to hire a 4×4. In one of it slopes near a monastery there are wild horses as a heard. It's quite unique spectacle and very beautiful animals. Before visiting it though (if you decide to go) you should equip yourselfs with good jackets as the conditions change drastically over time.

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