NECREZUT!! Un cuplu navighează 2200 mile după ce și-au pierdut catargul!! – (Episodul 248)

NECREZUT!!  Un cuplu navighează 2200 mile după ce și-au pierdut catargul!!  - (Episodul 248)

Dacă doriți să oferiți puțin lui Alex și Yvette pe SV Blue Beryl, puteți face acest lucru aici! În acest episod îl intervievăm pe SV Blue Beryl, care și-a pierdut catargul la 1000 de mile în largul coastei Galapagos, îndreptându-se spre Polinezia Franceză. Din fericire, au avut un stâlp de spinnaker și suficient tachelaj de rezervă pentru a monta un catarg și au navigat 2200 de mile, timp de 26 de zile, pentru a ajunge la insulele Marquesas. Nu numai asta, o navă numită SV Dance me navighează în Tonga unde ne aflăm, care tocmai își pierduseră și catargul!! Așa că le-am montat un catarg, astfel încât să poată naviga spre Fiji pentru a începe reparațiile. Ce episod!!! Pentru a ni se alătura pe Patreon și pentru a obține conținut exclusiv și șansa de a veni cu noi, faceți clic aici! Pentru a cumpăra marfa Parlay Revival faceți clic aici!! Toată muzica este de la sunetul Epidemic! Înscrieți-vă aici și obțineți o probă gratuită de luni pentru a vedea dacă vă place! Urmărește-mă pe instagram pentru actualizări zilnice! ​​Pagina de Facebook: Camera pe care o folosim: Lentile pe care le folosim: /3RPTxaI Microfon pe care îl folosim: Drona pe care o folosim: Gopro folosim: Editat de https://www.instagram .com/brittanyamodeo/ 00:00 Introducere 01:26 Interviu cu Alex și Yvette 13:51 Echipament de juriu pentru SV Dance me 18:53 Interviu despre pierderea catargului 21:24 Găsirea cauzei


43 thoughts on “NECREZUT!! Un cuplu navighează 2200 mile după ce și-au pierdut catargul!! – (Episodul 248)

  1. Colin continues to be the nicest guy in the world. (I hate you Colin and have to stop showing my wife your videos, sorry.) Always willing to help others. The cruising community is awesome in the way they support each other and especially those in distress. I could feel the emotions of being in a terribly hard place and the relief of another boat coming along side with help and encouragement. Made a grown man tear up. I don't really hate you Colin, I love your channel!

  2. Geez, what an experience for the 2 couples and all thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father for their safe keeping. Kudos to all for their help, be it keeping in touch for moral support or assisting in rigging the temporary mast etc. You are all stars 🌟

  3. This episode certainly has some invaluable lessons for sailors of all levels. Losing your mast and rigging in the middle of the largest ocean in the world and being able to make it to land is a testament to excellent seamanship. They are both to be commended for keeping themselves, their spouses and their vessels safe. There is also the camaraderie between fellow sailors that is so important to survival at sea. Brilliant stuff

  4. My Tayana 37 had 11 wires holding up the mast. Four to the top, three to the top of the forestay (cutter rig) and four to the spreaders base. A pain to walk around, but solid in any seaway…

  5. Numerous boats lost their masts sailing across Pacific and Atlantic Oceans this Fall and Winter. Are these unusual events or are they more common and just being publicized and becoming known because of Sailing Channels on YouTube?

  6. Metal fatigue . Those fasteners / tension bar wich you can adjust prob never was looked at due to trying to tension it upp to take out the play of tha cables the stainless bolt probb rotated several times over the course of time where play came into the calculation bending it causing metal fatigue. By the looks of the diameter i would say M18/20 wich can withstand forces of upp to 7500 kg per bolt so i doubt that is was the strain on the steel bolt. He knew you could tension it upp so probb did that a few times without securing the nut underneath hence the play in it causing metal fatigue/failure.
    Well lesson learned inspect your rig and know what things are used for. Great video i am sure a lot of sailing peeps will learn from it and avoid disaster 🙂

  7. A thought….I think an inspection of the shroud base mount would have shown bent bolts….I don’t think they would have bent and broken all at once, they must have been bent for some time.

  8. Colin , Jamie and the crew, you are always at the ready to help a fellow sailor. Colin I admire you so much with your knowledge as an engineer you have helped so many people, and I am sure you will do it again and again.

  9. Alex en Yvette; heel blij dat jullie boot weer in orde is en vooral jullie niet gewond geraakt zijn. Wens jullie veilig tocht toe.

    Colin, thanks for sharing their story, it shows how close the sailing community is, i have towed fellow sailors in a few times in the past, knowing you are not alone is the best feeling you need when u are in dire need of help.

  10. What amazing stories of courage and willpower. Its so wonderful to see a community of brother and sisters coming together for the better good of someone else.
    The world is a better place because of people like y'all. Far seas and happiness to all.

  11. Good job helping them out, Alex is a trooper too. Jeanne Socrates and I persuaded Hans and Liesbeth to come to dinner with us at the Kraken the night they arrived, despite not having checked in yet. They were reluctant but we twisted their arms and I think they had a good evening after their ordeal. And I saw them again in Vuda Point Marina in Fiji when they arrived with that jury-rig, and again in Opua in New Zealand where they sailed with Hans' brother Eric on his Outremer catamaran. There was a second dismasted boat in Neiafu, Masif, but they were not nearly as upbeat as Hans, perhaps they did not have insurance, and I have lost contact with them (but they too had a hidden chainplate break). Wacky story, that night as we dinghied back to Dance Me and then Nereida and finally Sea Change, Masif appealed for help as their dinghy had come loose, and a nearby Swedish boat with a real dinghy managed to find it on the other side of the bay. Quite an evening.

  12. Love that even Colin was impressed and learning form the emergency temporary work. 🎉🎉
    That guy needs his own show he was heath-Robinson to the 1000% with flexible options that were never designed 😅

  13. Another video of someone getting demasted brothe content is old. Can't you come up with your own? It didn't seem like it in the last video 800 miles 20 minute video.

  14. Colin, I'm so glad you had the rigging inspected, found that small crack . Then fixed the mast reinstalled the rigging. Yes, a sail got damaged but you guys made. This seems to be common. Project Duracell lost it's mast off the coast of southern California. Duracell was grounded since the late 80's. Never trust an insurance company.

  15. Really drives the point home that the best way to gain knowledge is through experience, this was us learning along side Colin and the crew from nightmare scenarios turned in to teaching moments and a feel good episode with the community rallying around each other.. outstanding!

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