Reparăm vechea noastră defecțiune SAILBOAT în funcție de buget și timp înainte de a ne împroșca | Ep 394

Reparăm vechea noastră defecțiune SAILBOAT în funcție de buget și timp înainte de a ne împroșca |  Ep 394

În acest episod vă prezentăm proiectele cu barca rămase de făcut cât va costa și cât timp credem că va dura. Noroc tuturor pentru vizionare!! Abonați-vă @SailingCatalpa Deveniți un patron Lista noastră de dorințe Amazon Pentru a DONA doar pentru că sunteți o LEGENDĂ sângeroasă https :// Pentru mai multe despre familia noastră și despre călătorii, puteți consulta site-ul nostru Urmărește-ne pe Facebook Urmărește-ne pe Instagram


49 thoughts on “Reparăm vechea noastră defecțiune SAILBOAT în funcție de buget și timp înainte de a ne împroșca | Ep 394

  1. You guys are an inspiration.. My wife and I just bought a 42 foot gulfstar sailboat and you’re correct it takes a lot of money for a refit.. We have never sailed we live in Idaho the ocean is another animal. We want to sail to Mexico to refit our boat but we have children and etc etc.. we are a year away from starting.. Thank you very much for inspiring us to learn and start a new life..

  2. Great Channel, I love your videos. If you get any negative comments I’m sure those were meant for me because those trolls know I’m watching since I only watch positive and informative families, just sluff it off and say, “that one is for Murphy”. lol

  3. I wish I was in a position to help you guys but disability has kept me out of work for the past ten years and that's not going to change. That said, I love your channel and genuinely enjoy watching your beautiful family living life to the fullest. You might say I'm living vicariously through you. Keep the faith and you'll make it happen.

  4. Love this ep, great to see where your up to & what's gonna happen 😊.
    It must be hard after all your efforts when people get online to make unpleasant comments … don't forget that there must be something fundamentally wrong with people who take time out of their day to be terds!

  5. That seems like it was a hard video to make. Thanks for being real about the difficult financial side of the adventure. Also the new stereo sound on the intro is surprisingly great!

  6. I don't think you have to give an explanation to anyone. When it comes to refitting a boat, you have to be thorough in doing things. It also takes money and time. If some people can't realize this, that's their problem. It's not like you can snap your fingers and things are fixed right away.

  7. I have to say watching you guys is awesome i enjoy it so much, and i know sitting here telling you to stay happy and just let the stress go you prob just read and say well you have no clue what we go through. Well to tell you to let it go i spent 10 years military doing the worst of the worst retired broken with 5 crushed disks in my back 2 blown out knees and 1 rib completely gone out of my body left shoulder shattered but i still keep going life is to short to hold on to the neg, then to top it all off just found out the wife has stage 4 kidney cancer she is doing fine at the moment what i am trying to say is let it go enjoy it while you can !!

  8. Positively love yalls channel. We've been watching forever. I love the fact that you don't edit all the struggles out. We hope to be on our boat by 2025. Hopefully we will run into you somewhere out there.

  9. She's looking great guys hat off to you all. I think you have underestimated the centreboard and cavity job time wise might be better if they can block you higher earlier so you have time to account for "Murphy", a day in the slings might not be enough to get the board out let alone repair and clean and antifoul.

  10. Lots of us have money struggles. Is there not an opportunity for those of you not involved in the refit to take up some temporary jobs and earn some money to help with the expensive items.

  11. DIY Surfboard/Dodger, e.g. what Spear It Animal did on ep.29 (can be done much cheaper), diy roll-down blinds.
    Need to stiffn posts for solid hand rails you'll put more body weight/reliance into, vs cautious with dyneema.
    Wood BBQ, plenty of free fuel on beaches, not reliant on gas.

  12. You might like to have a look at Spear It animal episode 28 and look at what they did for their hard top which had lots of space fore a solar array and they included an extension for hoisting their dingey. You might like what they did and maybe make a version of that.

  13. What an awesome, honest video. You explained the costs of sailing to idiots (Me) it’s a reality check for us all. Probably your best episode yet. Thank you and much love to you and your family

  14. I think it’s real good of you to lay out what it really costs to live your life the way you do. This will benefit the people that are wondering what it cost. Your being straight up forward will greatly benefit those people.
    Your videos are awesome. The life you live is so amazing to 0:10 watch.
    Sara don’t be hurt by the keyboard warriors that only want to hurt the courageous YouTubers.
    I love it when Lee gets you laughing
    Be Safe

  15. Love you all this is the best way I can help 😢 I’m not financially able to help more I wish I could do more you are all amazing have been watching your videos almost from the beginning don’t worry you are amazing

  16. LOL. If Sarah did OF, you guys would probably be sailing on a brand new 50 foot Catamaran lol. You guys crack me up, and I love it. I'm a long time watcher and have bought merch to help you guys out and even won a t-shirt, by answering a question right, on one episode lol .Love your channel, keep up the great work.

  17. You guys inspire me every day to continue working towards my own dream of sailing and living aboard my own boat. Keep doing what you do. And thank you for doing it! I share as many of your videos as my friends will watch

  18. Your doing a great job keeping it reel as you know boat life is not all champange and roses keep your head up draw on some of your ausie get it done thinking and just keep swimming just keep swimming us in bris vagas are loving the jerney

  19. Hey guys,
    You might be interested in watching Sailing Tahiti, an Amel 54 cocked up, custom binimi and solid rail, maybe some ideas for you.
    Love your channel

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