Rio Replay: Finn Men Medal Race
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📲 Abonați-vă la @olympics: Giles Scott câștigă aurul pentru Marea Britanie în cursa pentru medalii finlandeză. ________________________________________________________ 🇨🇳 #Beijing2022 reluări: 🇯🇵 #Tokyo2020 reluări: 🗞️ Știri din lumea olimpică:


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  1. Wooden boats, wooden masts, the Olympic Pa'lya was different: Kreutcz, Raum, Raum, Kreuttcz, Ha'tsze'l, Kreutzc. The repair of plastic boats was problematic in Hungary. I have never actually put a hole into my Finn, but had I put a hole into it, it would have been a sinking situation, with the le'gszekre'ny filling up with water from the outside, and not being able to let the water out. So, the Olympic boat design for speed has already given way to safety of the sailor. Stopped sailing a Finn aged twenty six. When I visited Lake Balaton again, I managed to sail a wooden Finn, with a wooden mast and a wooden Bumm. My feeling is that the building of wooden Finns, with wooden masts, and wooden bumm is the way forward. As to the sails, we sailed dacron sails, but it would be interesting to try out sails made out of natural materials. My Finn sail was stolen at Keszthely, out of the Finn boat.

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