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Yachting Monthly vorbește cu Matt Newland de la Swallow Yachts pentru sugestii și sfaturi despre navigarea cu remorcă, folosind Bay Cruiser 26 Guitalele’s Happy Place de Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2017 Licențiat sub o licență Creative Commons Attribution (3.0). Ft: Kara Square (mindmaptthat)


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  1. Noticed the road offence of the trailer carrying a different (and foreign) registration plate to the towing vehicle. Would be handy if the trailer winch could be operated by cordless drill – they have a lot of power these days.👍

  2. I have a trailer yacht and a 12 ft extension for the trailer. I would never trust an suv to pull it with and I’ve seen to many videos of people launching their vehicle at low tide, I always wait for high tide.

  3. Nice video, well explained, liked the part about reversing down the slipway. I personally back up the trailer a little more into the water and test run the engine (diesel inboard) before letting the boat free… Also meanwhile testing the engine the boat sits almost all submerged in the water and i can check any leaks (shaft, drains, depthfinder…) Regarding lifting the mast, the Polish boatbuilders have an excelent system for that…

  4. I owned a 23 foot trailer sailed for a year and half or two and it was far too much work for solo setup and launch. Even with two people, it was a lot of work for an afternoon sail. Now I have a 35 footer in marina for the last 10+ years and I take it out for an hour or two every 2-3 days year round. Trailer sailer is a good concept but not practical for anything above 16-18 feet where you can stand the mast easily and sails are small and loads are light.

  5. Great video, but I wouldn't trust a beautiful boat like that to the little pawl on the winch, many of which are mass produced in China, I would keep an independent line or chain on her in addition to the winch.right to the water and coming back up on recovery also. If the pawl fails gravity takes over and the vessel just runs down the rollers and lands with a crunch on the slip. There are even videos of this on YouTube.

  6. oh my goodness, THANK YOU for doing this!! I'm looking at trailer sailing, and have been itching to see the basic process of launching, specifically, when there's no dock(pontoon) nearby. Well done sir(s)!!!

  7. We own/sail a Hartley ts16,the original trailer sailor.towed by average 4 cyl. car and sleeps two in its cabin.loving the life style.Great informative video,Love your yacht.What make is she?

  8. Forgive my ignorance but why doesn’t this one have a keel? I’m genuinely curious. Does it have something to do with ballast water?

  9. I just put the light board on the transom of the boat.. Its higher and much easier for following vehicles to see. . Certainly prevents the need for sliding bars etc.

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