Un crucișător de carbon bluewater fără compromisuri?  Navigand pe uimitoarea Baltică 67 |  Lumea Yachtingului
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Numărul din ianuarie 2019 al Yachting World conține raportul nostru complet despre acest nou crucișător de lux extrem de atractiv. Plecând din Palma, Toby Hodges te plimbă prin Baltic 67, proiectat și construit de specialiștii în superyacht Judel Vrolijk, Design Unlimited și Baltic Yachts pentru croazieră pe distanțe lungi. ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a Yachting World acum – https://www.youtube.com/user/yachtingworld?sub_confirmation=1 ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre tur, vizitați site-ul nostru aici – http:/ /www.yachtingworld.com ► Dați-ne Like pe Facebook aici – https://www.facebook.com/yachtingworldmagazine ►Urmărește-ne pe Twitter aici – https://twitter.com/yachtingworld ►Nu ezitați să comentați mai jos! ►Nu uitați să apăsați butonul de LIKE dacă v-a plăcut 🙂


33 de comentarii la „Un crucișător de carbon bluewater fără compromisuri? Navigand pe uimitoarea Baltică 67 | Lumea Yachtingului

  1. what happens when a carbon boat crashes a dark night with an abandoned and floating shipping container in steel!? 🥶🙄 seriously… think of all carbon bicycle crashes, there is nothing left of those bikes at all! carbon bend and give in to any crashes, being far out in the ocean on a carbon yacht and suddenly crash into something… You are gone! gonna sink in minutes or how to understand carbon boats!?? I just don't trust weak materials no matter how light and efficient they are!

  2. Did it have a galley? where are the other rooms,? not a good video, missing many important things on board. Plus did not look like a sturdy boat. I bet it bounced a lot in rough season, it being light in weight. A wooden boat would ride the seas better.

  3. I love the view from the stern, you can see how well she flows through the water. There is very little wake coming out the back. Also, could not but help note how precise the autopilot was, it makes constant changes to the wheel like it is actually reading the wind. Thumbs up !

  4. Slick lines, probably very fast yacht but the helm is far to exposed for long passage, the interior is very disappointing, the master bedroom is awful and the general feel is they compromised comfort for modern “pure uncluttered” looks.

  5. No thanks! What I dont like,no cover over the cockpit or the helm stations? I wouldn't want to be on this boat while on watch at night in the.middle of the Pacific ocean in stormy weather with no complete enclosed coverage of those helm stations or cockpit just my opinion.

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