AWOLNATION - Sail, 10th Anniversary [Audio]
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Alăturați-vă nouă când sărbătorim 10 ani de @AWOLNATION și lansarea Megalithic Symphony. Ascultă albumul comemorativ aici: Abonează-te la @Red Bull Records pentru mai mult conținut! Conectați-vă cu AWOLNATION: Oficial –​ Facebook-​ Twitter -​ Instagram –​ YouTube –​ Soundcloud –​ ©Red Bull Records #redbullrecords #awolnation #10thanniversary


25 de comentarii la „AWOLNATION – Sail, 10th Anniversary [Audio]

  1. I was challenged to make a death metal cover of this song. I hate this song. I've never liked this song. I'm going to pour all my animosity, irritation, and abhorrence into it.

    No one cares.

  2. Redbull? Really? You have the urge to post a song about potential suicide. While your suicidal men try and kill themselves with death defying stunts? Makes sense. I look forward to the day when you get sued to bankruptcy.

    You deserve it.

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