Cele mai scumpe iahturi deținute de celebrități
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Când bogații și faimoșii caută să se relaxeze în marea liberă departe de restul lumii, în niciun caz nu se urcă pe o navă de croazieră împreună cu noi, deoarece călătoresc cu un iaht privat. Și fie că îl dețin sau îl închiriază doar pentru weekend, pleacă la mare într-un stil serios. Așa că urcă-te la bord în timp ce aruncăm o privire la unele dintre cele mai scumpe iahturi deținute de celebrități.


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  1. I hope the pirates who sink and plunder these extra luxury boats will return and the rich owners of these objects will experience moments of pure terror, in a world with an ever-widening gap between millions of poor and thousands of super rich, it would only take true justice,

  2. How can some people justify owning "super yachts" with so much poverty, homelessness, hunger and disease in the world? I guess some people are blessed. . . not to have a conscience.

  3. The only way these folk have made this dough, is buy cheating the tax system, after they have made the money off the suckers that buy into these venues, be it sports games movies, or what have you. If it were not for the want of the poor, these folk would not be basking in their glory. Think hard where your dollar is spent.

  4. None of this beat my Super Dinghy "Kraken".
    Half hp, 6 feet long, streamline, sundeck allover, the biggest swimming pool on Earth ( dont even know the size), Master bed 6 feet long 2. 5 feet wise, 1 Rubber pillow, the biggest toillet in the world… There is soo much, that i keep This way.
    PS : Private Securaty. 20mm BB and a big stick. Not for all.

  5. Leave it to celebrities to bitch and moan about climate change and they buy/rent yachts that go through tens of thousands of gallons of fuel…

  6. Kylie Jenner, Di Caprio, and Beyonce and Jay Z don't own those yachts so don't qualify for "…expensive yachts owned by celebrities".
    Nadal's catamaran is a beautiful one. You could have added that Nico Rosberg (former F1 racer) has the same yacht.
    Other's you could have listed:
    Johnny Depp's old yacht "Amphitrite" now owned by JK Rowling ($29m).
    Sir Elton John's "Wabi Sabi" (also $29m).
    Shaquille O'Neal's "Free Throw" ($10m).
    Tony Parker's "Infinity Nine" ($9m).
    Eric Clapton's "La Bene" ($7.5m).
    Rom Brady & Gisele's "Viva A Vida" ($6m)
    Nicole Kidman's "Hokulani" ($6m)
    David and Victoria Beckham's "Sophisticated Lady" ($4.3m)

    Lastly, if you consider Steven Spielberg and his yacht…
    you might also want to consider:
    Jeff Bezos' upcoming yacht ($500m)
    Paul Allen's (MSFT) old yacht "Octopus" which has been sold after his death ($300+m)
    Larry Ellison's (ORCL) "Rising Sun" ($200+m)
    Steve & Laurene Jobs' "Venus" ($140m)
    Georgio Armani's "Main" ($75m)
    Dolce & Gabbana's "Regina D'Italia" ($17m)

  7. Renting a super yacht would be the best idea than owning one because you don’t have to upkeep the vessel, no storage fees, less staff salaries, taxes and no yearly fuel fees.

  8. Oh yeah, of course the Super Rich Personalities will spend their "HARD EARNED" salary through buying expensive things like ; 🛥️Yatch, Luxury Cars🏎️, Helicopter🚁 & Private Planes🛫, Mansions🏯 etc., AT THE END OF THE DAY THEY CANNOT BROUGHT ALONG THOSE EARHTLY POSSESSIONS THRU THEIR GRAVE WHEN THEY DIE, EVEN THEIR DOZEN OR HUNDREDS OF EXPENSIVE DRESS, THEY CANNOT WORE ALL OF THEM, THE ONLY DRESS THAT THEY GONNA Wear when they lifelessly lying inside their casket ⚰️⚱️is their BURIAL DRESS

  9. 2 millions a week to rent super yatch..
    accommodated 12 guesss ?and 31 cruise that you pay for lol…
    shit if i rent that it will be the whole damm family friends and roast a damm cows on the deck …!

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