23 de zile singur peste Atlantic într-o barcă mică
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32 de comentarii la „23 de zile singur peste Atlantic într-o barcă mică

  1. I grew up in a sailing community, but I never ventured farther than the horizon. Thank you making and sharing your experience with this video. Your spirit is great and inspiring. I wish you good travels.

  2. Sam, I am not into electronics but I would love to see you make a series of instructional dvd's . I don't know what that takes but it would be something I would certainly use. Thanks, great job

  3. I'm No sailor but jumping off your boat with your sails up seems like a bad idea..even without them up jumping ship and staring straight down at a sinking washer doesn't seem great either. Can u imagine looking up to see your boat cruising away without u in the open ocean?

  4. In all humility, may I suggest an idea for USB cables. There are two tiny spring tabs sticking out on the end that plugs into your cell phone. Prise them out with a pin and / or pull them with pointed nose pliers. Good as new! I don't sail oceans, but you give me so many good ideas for prepping the boat and dealing with wind and waves. It's a learning curve for us all.

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