Navigație cu o singură mână din Australia către Fiji
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Navigați cu o singură mână de la Southport la Fiji. Loviți ceva noaptea și faceți o gaură în barcă. cinci zile cu vânturi de peste 30 de noduri. vânturi alice puternice. Vă rugăm să luați în considerare să mă sponsorizați în orice fel, vă rog să susțineți canalul pentru că se lucrează mult la producerea videoclipurilor. Mulțumesc


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  1. I enjoy the water and a cruise. Looking at this I understand people enjoying the sense of achievement. But Ive got one comment for these types of trips…..F$&K That! What the hell hahahah
    Thinking about not dying constantly.
    I don't understand how you steer a boat constantly to fight the waves etc…how do you sleep? Doesn't the boat just turn when the wave hits it and then it tips over? Lol to me this is a horror movie. Haha. Balls of steel to do this. Congrats.

  2. Riding through the ocean is one hell of a experience! It combines both beauty and survival, pleasant feelings and adrenaline boost, thank you for making these vids and sharing them with the world!

  3. If you call it the right name I get you an subscription and a thumb up. The name is CHINA WUHAN VIRUS because it come from CHINA WUHAN and killed millions!!!!!!!!!! in your case you get nothing

  4. I’m 18 and just boat my first yacht she’s a foxhound 24 I bought it as I have crewed on it for 3 years but the owner passed away so I bought it. I’ve heard all his stories about places he’s sailed I am hoping one day I will be able to do some the trips he sailed. It would be my dream to have a partner in the future who also loves sailing.

  5. I like boats and ships but I hate just being stranded in the ocean. I would like to go on a sailboat but if I ever do have to actually sail it I would make sure that I’m no further than 10 – 20 miles off the coadt

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