Ce mănâncă echipajul pe un super iaht - Jurnalele de la galere
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Ce mănâncă echipajul de la bordul unui iaht de lux? Răspunsul este în mare parte totul! În acest Galley Diaries, eu și sous-șef Tilly vă dăm o scurtă descriere a modului în care hrănim cei 14 membri ai echipajului de la bord, care sunt cele mai grele părți și aproape toți facem o răsturnare în marea agitată care trece de la Panama la Caraibe. (Deși s-ar putea să nu pară atât de dur pentru o navă obișnuită – iahturile de lux nu sunt cu adevărat concepute pentru a merge în mare agitată. Avem Jet Ski-uri, tender, artă și o mulțime de articole din sticlă scumpe!)


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  1. Love watching your videos! I am chef on our much smaller scale charter boat. Was curious if you have a recipe book you pull from or if there is access to any of the meals you cook? It all looks great!

  2. You don't need to take anti-seasickness tablets, you know. A cure treatment is to load your tummy with jam doughnuts, and then eat a full English breakfast after that, helps hold your stomach still inside your torso. That's what I use anyway.

  3. How are crew food and guest food kept separate? Do you eat whatever you don't use for the guests for yourselves? Like if they only eat half the wagyu beef or caviar, do you eat the remainder?

  4. Love your vlogs, couple of questions for you, where do you get your ideas from and do you get requests for food from the crew maybe a family recipe of something they enjoy at home or on other yachts also do the guests ask for specific meal's?? Many thanks xx

  5. Interesting question here- what happens to wastage/ overages ie you have 12 lobsters but only 8 get used for the guest dinner service- does that just get thrown or is it incorporated into the crew meals?

  6. that was great, two very hard working young people hopefully getting some amazing experiences along the way, bravo!….oh and the food looked great btw, I'm suddenly very hungry!

  7. This channel may be a great opportunity for you two:
    It's like a portfolio of your work, which your potential employers can see.
    It might be a good idea to post a job search video for you 2 (together as head and sous chef)
    And, if anybody replies – you amp up the salary requirement (like 1.5 or even 2x from the usual) in order to see what happens.
    With so many viewers to the channel – you may get your dream offer that way – same work for double the pay! 🙂

  8. Who does the Crew chef work for… By that I mean could the crew vote to get rid of the chef, or do they only need to worry about the captains opinion or how does that whole dynamic work? Just curious, everything looks amazing but I was wondering.

  9. this is some hard stuff. hats off to you chefs and around the globe. you guys don't get enough appreciation. 13-14hrs a day is crazy.

  10. In the maritime fleets of the world, few allow women on ships because, you know, the men on the ship. So I'm a bit confused.. oh wait. I get it.

  11. Do you, the chefs, get better food than the rest of the crew? Many years ago, I worked in a golf club (including a restaurant so free staff meal included). The kitchen staff prepared better food for themselves than the rest of the staff.

  12. you may have already answered this in some video but ive always wondered if yall cook while the boat is moving and if so, how? yall got spider man reflexes or do you have special equipment to hold all the hot stuff in place?

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