X-Yachts parcurge această milă X-tra cu noul său flagship fast cruiser X5.6
21 1 minut 7 luni

X-Yachts X5.6 – unde stilul și puterea se combină cu o abordare practică pentru o croazieră extinsă. Raport complet în Yachting World martie 2022 ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a Yachting World acum – https://www.youtube.com/user/yachtingworld?sub_confirmation=1 ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre turnee, vizitați site-ul nostru: http://www.yachtingworld.com ► Dă-ne Like pe Facebook aici – https://www.facebook.com/yachtingworldmagazine ► Urmărește-ne pe Twitter la: https://twitter.com/yachtingworld ► Simțiți-vă liber să Comenteaza mai jos! ► Amintiți-vă să apăsați butonul de LIKE dacă v-a plăcut 🙂


21 de comentarii la „X-Yachts parcurge această milă X-tra cu noul său flagship fast cruiser X5.6

  1. Nice job, Toby. As someone who has never sailed on a vessel with lines led aft concealed under the coachroof what happens when a line is accidentally pulled through without a mouse attached? Is each fed through individual 'electrical conjute' so you could feed fresh line through it or do you have to 'dig up the dexk'?

  2. All due respect, I would never spend my one penny on a product from Denmark nowadays. Denmark is going through a strange period. One after another. Like committing human rights violations by stripping the refugees of their valuables. Letting USA's NSA spy on fellow European politicians (Merkel etc) by tapping on the communications cables. Any penny on Danish products is the support of such acts.

  3. Like most people, I find this fridge opening system to be ridiculous. I wish we could have heard more about how the boat feels even in light wind and see how the grane works for the dinghy. Not impressed from this video at all. It did not teach me anything new about this boat.

  4. 970.000 Euros as a "start from" price? If I paid that amount, I would feel like I am paying for Danish manufacturing inefficiencies or subsidizing somebody's jigalo/mistress in Denmark. At that price range, why not go for a Contest yacht with its solid Dutch boat building behind?

  5. Nice boats. They are built to a standard well above the usual pop outs that dominate the scene, which is why they are more expensive. It is a pity you did not detail that as opposed to your usual routine details on the interior design and decoration. Did you ever consider becoming an owner's wife sales consultant?

  6. As far as I am concerned, X-Yachts can go much further than "X–tra mile" all the way to hell. I wonder if x-yachts uses any metals stripped from the values of refugees (having said this, Danes do it only to refugees from the middle east and not from Ukraine. It is a rotten country. Do not buy their products please!

  7. $1m boat seems super basic…except for that automatic/electric freezer door. lol.
    You can tell Toby wasnt feeling it. Then again, when its the base model, what are you going to point out that's exceptional?!

    *to credit the of the 11 time X-Yacht owner – im sure they just took delivery of the boat and will be adding all the other necessary features in later. Then again, where do you go after "electric freezer door"?!

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