Navigarea Martinique St Anne la Anse d'Arlet S6Ep7
10 1 minut 5 luni

Navigație minunată în aval de vânt în apele frumoase ale Martiniquei de la St Anne trecând de Rocher du Diamant (Diamond Rock) pe Tartan 37, Holiday. Navigam între Diamant și insula principală înainte de a ne îndrepta spre nord, pe coasta de vest, până la ancorajul de pe plaja din Caraibe Anse d’Arlet. Acolo vom explora orașul și facem drumeții la plaja din apropiere, Grande Anse d’Arlet.


10 comentarii la „Navigarea Martinique St Anne la Anse d’Arlet S6Ep7

  1. Ahhh yes the old shortcut track, I've been on many of those but they do tend to be the most memorable….. Once you recover . How many dollars do people spend and how many years sailing do we do to get that dream run. 🏴‍☠️🥃

  2. Cool sailing and nice view of diamond rock.. or known as HMS Diomond. It was dubbed a ship in the British navy. There was a garrison on English soldiers with cannon batteries. It was vital to the English as they could fire on the French navy passing by. It was well defended and hard to land on. Martinique looks spectacular.

  3. Great video! We're the same way, hiking around St. Croix, we mumble under our breath about people where they shouldn't be in flip flops and tank tops. Then we get karma when we're not thinking.

  4. Who did you have to bribe to get the church bells to ring as you pulled into Anse d'Arlet? 😀 It looks like a very quaint little community. By the way, Janine made salmon last night and marinated it in a coconut sauce all day and then poured some more of the sauce over the top upon serving. Janine told me she had "Lindyfied" it!!

  5. Really nice to have the wind on your back and fair seas! I remember some of the things on French islands were the bakeries,,, fresh croissants,,,, OWG some amazing. And the fresh baguettes made the best subs ever

  6. I was saying during that hike up through the Rocks, that you usually do that, and most likely had rubber toed KEENS on,
    Just then you showed the 🩴 flip flops 🩴, I’m like “Oh No” you didn’t do that… nice over there though… Honey, go get the boat and anchor it in This Bay…!! 😎👍👌

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