Rutina noastră zilnică: creșterea a doi copii pe mare!
23 2 minute 5 luni

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  1. I literaly just found your channel and just sub it was enjoyable to watch brave little boys there 🦋🌻⚘😊 good parents 😊 nice life for some im too scared to be out in water far from shore but enjoyed you guys doing so

  2. there's something in this YT channel that makes me feel enjoy watching it, after couple videos i found that you guys such a good story teller and video editor! love you guys!<3

  3. I don't follow these guys religiously, but I have seen a few videos while trying to learn more about the lifestyle before we potentially buy a boat, but do these guys have a nanny on board? A nanny? You kind of don't have much else to do but take care of your family on a boat I would imagine. That's too hard? Just a little thrown off by this. Is this just more of a societal norm for their region?

  4. Happened upon your channel was intrigued and started watching your vids from beginning up to now.
    I am so incredibly impressed by you all. Elayna, I hope you understand the enormity of your accomplishments. I hope you're not editing out words of appreciation, support or praise from those around you… there should be myriad. Your individual worth is huge.

  5. Hello, I saw your video, it is a really warm and loving family. May I ask, I want to go to your country and take my child to study, could you please handle the invitation letter of the school? How much does it cost?

  6. You are very lucky that you have amazing help taking care of yours kids. Also she cook's, cleans etc. Keep having fun while your young. Age has a way of flying by.Enjoy your videos, yall are pretty cool. TC!

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