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41 de comentarii la „NOUL NOSTRU TRIMARAN!

  1. If It's Really Carbon Fiber…What the Hell is That 1950s Grandma Blue? Oyster White, and Chrome, Chrome, Chrome. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 White Leather. White Kitchen, Polyurethane Cutting Boards Think Ralph Lauren Meets Dr Chrome, and Mr White. Stainless Kitchen Utensils, and White Cutting Boards. Pans….Copper

  2. All good 👍. 💚like the blue with the walnut great contrast warm & cool (You’ll be constantly cleaning the white). Can’t wait to see it on the water🤩🖖🇳🇿😎

  3. I honestly don't think the trimaran will last in their hands for more than one or maybe two seasons. I just hope Riley tests its speed for us though, but maybe without risking the rest of his family.. I think within a couple of years they'll settle with a Silent Yacht that would act like an actual self sufficient house on water.

  4. I think the white will make the place feel bigger but I feel that most boats have white interiors and I feel that the blue will make it feel more cozy and like a home, you should add some white in places as I feel it makes it feel more bright and fresh. I do agree with most people about the leather though It would look amazing but ouch, though cleaning would be mush easier. Maybe have the leather but have covers you can put over it when need could be good

  5. 100% White would look Beautiful!! Bright and bigger looking! Change hand towels and dishes to change colors.
    You can change pillows and
    throw blankets for adding colors.
    The other looks dark and dungeon.
    Leather will be sticky and mildew.
    Black will add heat.
    Hope you add AC air when it is to hot.

  6. I'm sorry but how can you put the crew in the side floats? I thought your were joking originally..It will be like sleeping in an MRI scanner bobbing on water. They wont be able to sit up and what happens if they are ill in the night or need to go to the bathroom?

  7. Under way I would only want to sleep in the windward ama, out of the water. Also mentally, being with my weight on the right side, would make me feel doing the right thing while asleep.

  8. Yaaasss come to New Zealand ill meet you on land and take yous for a tour around Hawkes Bay, cause thats where im from. can i show yous my Maori culture the food the language x You wont regret it.

  9. Crazy. We are all a part of this. We watch (850K) and they monetize. And then they can talk about colors and whatever for their newest boat. This is sooo far from the original Vag. videos…. I love you guys BUT are yr kids going to be on board with the way u have already splashed their faces everywhere? What if they are 12 and say, wtf take my face out your boat decor video…
    More content about sailing. Less about yr Patreon, YT monetization priviledge?

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