FĂ-O când POȚI, nu când ești gata |  Navigați către insula noastră BUCKET LIST S2CH.3 Over the Top
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Am învățat mai mult ca oricând să facem lucruri când poți, nu când ești gata, de aceea ne îndreptăm către insula noastră cu liste de găleți. Devenirea unui Patron ne permite să asigurăm continuitatea Slim & Soph – Sailing Nakama. Un pic este un drum lung pentru a menține această producție vie. Având foarte puțin timp liber între universitate și barcă, Patreon ne permite să ne concentrăm pe crearea și postarea videoclipurilor, mai degrabă decât să turnăm bere la localul nostru. Vă mulțumim pentru generozitate https://www.patreon.com/sailingnakama Sau faceți o donație unică după cum doriți, dacă abonamentele nu sunt treaba dvs. Să continuăm să bifăm milele marine și să renunțăm la locurile de muncă cu barca! https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=C6M8FAYZ5K2ZS De ani de zile ne dorim să ajungem în acest loc și, în cele din urmă, s-a prezentat o fereastră meteorologică pentru a naviga și a ancora în acest golf larg deschis spre mare. pe o insulă cu vârfuri muntoase spectaculoase. Ondularea persistentă a oceanului duce la nopți agitate de somn, dar merită din plin pentru priveliștea pe care pur și simplu nu o poți obține de pe uscat. Urmărește-ne pe INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sailingnakama/ ȘI FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sailingnakama Capitole: 00:00 Fă-o când poți, nu când ești gata. 01:21 Mergem într-un loc foarte interesant 03:23 Divagație subțire 05:11 Pește mai departe! 07:13 Navigare în Jurassic World 🦖 09:48 ACEASTA este punctul nostru de ancorare pentru lista de lucruri! 12:12 Devenind complet vânător-culegător 🌴 🥥 18:10 Pentru a continua…


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  1. So proud of you catching that mackerel Slim! That was an episode where nothing broke at last. Very sorry about your Grandma Soph – she will be smiling down on you living your dream. Travel well guys. Looking forward to part two of this one.

  2. Condolences Soph. My thoughts are with you both. Keep up the great episodes 👍 I also sleep on my sailboat every night 🌙 unfortunately on a trailer and not going any in a long time, so envy both of you! Your episodes are an inspiration to me and you are both great characters making them even more enjoyable to watch. Fair winds and enjoy your experience. As always looking forward to the next episode!

  3. What you need are Flopper Stoppers – bit of plywood about 2 foot square (or round or whatever) with a weight hung under it – we use a 14lb lump of lead, could be spare anchor, bight of chain, etc. – hung off a halyard. Boomed out over spinnaker pole, main boom, boat hook, etc. Plywood about 6 foot down in the water. Damps out the roll beautifully. 2 is better, one each side. Try it with a bucket instead of plywood first to convince yourselves…
    Keep up the good work. Mike sv 'Amanita'

  4. My condolences.
    Your message has not missed its marker here. You two are a huge inspiration to myself and many others out there. You two are living the life you want, you have actually gone and done it!!!

    I've been on a journey back to living the life my wife and I dream about. We have just got back on track after losing our direction and you two are a part of that inspiration.

    What a magical spot, enjoy.

    One Life, One Search,

  5. Gosh, you two have gone from rank amateur's to professional sailing YouTube channel overnight. These are getting so good. The videography, choice of music and the content, is so well done. Congratulations and I can't wait to see your journey as you traverse the Aussie coastline. Thanks for sharing!

  6. If I lived in Australia I would look up Wayne Sailing Mangrove Charlie. He is a catasmaran Builder&designer. He has planing fins on his rudders, and the inside of bows. this causes the boat to surf. Both of you are educated, and can do the Math. Wayne is out of the box, and is a creative designer. The Mumby 48 Sailing Jupiter is aluminum, and very labor intensive to build. I talked to him, and he did the math also. Aluminum tensil strength is 30,000 psi . Bamboo tensil strength is 28,000 psi. Here is the big but. A cubic foot of aluminum weighs 166 pounds, and would take 4,300,000 to rip it apart. Bamboo cube the same size would take 4,032,000 pounds to rip it apart. The same weight of bamboo rips at 35,300,000 pounds Wayne found marine boards&plywood.

  7. Hey guys, I did solar six months ago, it opened up so much. I'm working towards sailing oceans. When I get back to Kay Sera in a few months, more sailing yeah

  8. Guys, where are you????
    In the last two episodes you did not tell us where you are. Now as an Aussie I can see where you are but when you get further north what will be the point of watching if we cannot track you??
    What about those overseas, come on guys its all good but please name where you are.
    Phil of Seaka.

  9. Great stuff as always, your vids have gotten better technically but you have not change in the great raw and relatable vibe, as well as just being true to what your actually about and doing. Your not trying to sell us everyday’s greens vitamins smoothies. But instead I’ve noticed your cracking into some new beers, what are they? Coopers?
    I’m sure soon enough you’ll be flooded with companies giving you free stuff and money but I think your natural personalities will be more then capable of being you and still promoting great products for us to buy.
    Love your channel. 😘😘😘
    David, Haley and Franci.

  10. Absolutely epic anchorage. You captured the essence of the place beautifully.
    Thanks for continuing to show the world what’s possible you absolute legends , currently in Hervey Bay with the whales for the season 🐋⛵️❤️✌️ on a MONOHULL!

  11. Sad to hear about your Nanna soph, slim you need a new hat bro! Protect theat noggin from the sun. I'm also not a vegan but damn u guys cook the nicest looking food. Looking forward to next week's episode, cheers wes

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