Tur cu iaht Azimut 53 Fly |  În flybridge-ul entry-level de 1,1 milioane de lire sterline al curții italiene |  MBY
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Raportând de la London Luxury Boat Show 2022, editorul de barci cu motor și iahting, Hugo Andreae, ne poartă într-un tur complet al iahtului flybridge Azimut 53… Specificații Azimut 53 Fly LOA: 55ft 1in (16.8m) Lungimea: 16ft 3in (4.95) m) Deplasare (încărcare completă): 30.000 kg (66.139 lbs) Capacitate combustibil: 2.400 L / 634 US gal Capacitate apă: 590 L / 156 US gal Motoare: Twin 725 CP Volvo Penta IPS950 Viteză maximă: 31 noduri Viteză de croazieră: 26 noduri Alberto Mancini / Azimut CE categoria: B Preț: 1,1 milioane GBP ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a MBY acum – https://www.youtube.com/user/ybwtv?sub_confirmation=1 ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre tur, vizitați site-ul nostru aici – http://www.mby.com ► Urmăriți-ne pe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motorboatandyachting ► Urmărește-ne pe Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbymagazine ► Urmărește-ne pe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motorboat_and_yachting/ ► Ce ai părut? Spune-ne în comentariile de mai jos! ► Amintiți-vă să apăsați butonul de LIKE și să vă abonați dacă v-a plăcut 🙂


44 de comentarii la „Tur cu iaht Azimut 53 Fly | În flybridge-ul entry-level de 1,1 milioane de lire sterline al curții italiene | MBY

  1. Very nice boat, enjoyable tour and good to see you straightening up the helm wheel!
    If this is the entry level, are they dependent on multi millionaires or do they get sold on some sort of finance?

  2. There is always something about these MBY videos that makes me feel queasy. I don't know if it's the perspective , speed of movement or how close you get to things at times, but I constantly feel uneasy with being pressed up against everything. Other than that, great! 🙂

  3. Instead of fawning over the addition of so many stainless steel anti-chafing strips, why not insist on designers putting cleats and fairleads in better locations so the anti-chafing strips are not necessary ? Honestly, it's not rocket science…
    The clue is even in the name: they are FAIRLEADS so lines are lead fair – if the lines foul the hull, then they are not being lead fairly so aren't actually FAIRLEADS.

  4. A locker for storing mooring lines that can only be opened when the steel gate blocking off the aft platform (where there are mooring cleats) is locked shut…
    When are you most likely to need that steel gate open ? When handling lines during mooring… when the gate has to be shut… so you can open the locker to store the lines that you handle when the gate needs to be open…
    If professional boat reviewers don't point out these idiotic design flaws, boat builders will just keep making these sort of easily avoidable mistakes.

  5. An emergency back-up bilge pump that is outside the cockpit on the other side of a locking steel gate…
    So the weather is bad, the boat is in danger of sinking, and one is expected to step outside the safety of a gated cockpit as far as is physically possible from the secondary cockpit helm controls to operate the last-resort pump ?
    Has this design team ever seen a yacht, let alone been at sea on one ?

  6. Yes I agree. The crew cabin door seems kind of strange. Opening like that. But I have seen it on other yachts, like the Sunseeker 76 yacht. So I guess it works allright?

  7. So in your honest opinion, which one do you think is better Hugo, the Azimut 53, the Navetta 52 Fly, the Fairline Squadron 50, or the Galeon 500 Fly with the side dropping decks and stools option?

    (Left out Sirena and Horizon as they don't offer a boat in that range and the Greenline 48, and also Sirena again were not in the same field. Sunseeker Manhattan 55 was also too nice.)

  8. Ips joystick, Come on MBY, you talk about them a lot, say how easy it is, let’s see a video of how to use it in real life, better still put someone without IPs knowledge on it and do a video of them docking

  9. You guys really need to invest in wider angle video kit. Almost every frame is too close, to the point you often can't even see what it is you're referring to. Please make this change, you've received similar feedback time and time again on videos, it's not a big investment but at the moment these reviews are really let down by the camera work.

  10. Personally, if I had the money, I'd spec the boat for the "crew" cabin, if only for the toilet next to the swim platform. You could still use the bed area for storage, granted it would be less. Thoughts?

  11. Nice presentation, very complete. Beautiful boat. Would be nice to know prices of extras like gyro, fixed hard top, extra stern thruster and proportional and/or whether or not recommended, bow shade awing, etc.

  12. Strange desision by them not to have their boat fully kitted out at a boat show.Side helm controls and front, side and fly bridge completely decked out in nice teak would be a must, in my opinion.

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