Lăsând barca noastră în calea unui URAGAN!?
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48 de comentarii la „Lăsând barca noastră în calea unui URAGAN!?

  1. Dear Riley, seeing you in the shower with a coat on reminds me of a joke a sailboat owner told me, " how do you simulate a sailing experience if you're stuck on land?" "You put on foul weather gear, stand in the shower and tear up $100.00 bills."

  2. I wonder if a electric stove top is a option when You run out of propane, since I am new here and trying to catch up on your videos. And can not wait to see the new Rapido- Trimaran

  3. Good to see you guys!
    I really love the new boat!…
    FYI: keep in mind that we are about to go to wireless electrical service provided via the "STARLINK" satellite system…
    [you probably already have a STARLINK system for internet and phone] this will be world wide…[no need to store electric in batteries or use generators]…[no need for gas bottles for the stove, no need for diesel fuel for diesel engines as you can use electric motors if you choose]
    we will also soon [very soon] have Quantum STARLINK phones and Quantum bank account cards [all will use the new Quantum computer [no computer virus's, hacking, malware and spyware like the present computer operating systems] [no more credit cards and checks]…
    The military has been using this new system for some time now…
    banks are just waiting for the go button to be pushed [to make it available to us]…again, this is a world-wide system…

    "the abundance of all things good"…

  4. Yi, Yi, Yi…. Wowzers that episode literally had me on the edge of my seat…!! Tho I knew you guys have a village to watch over you. That's the gifts of doing everything with loving intention. An passing it on… Thanks for sharing your lives with us!! When you get to Maryland I hope I see ya! Made a gift!! ✌🏼💗😊❣️

  5. I haven't watched since the Greta episodes. I'm not a fan of her propaganda.. And since then I see a major drop in views.. and a jump in product plugs… What's the saying? Get woke, go broke..

  6. So glad I found you guys. Watched the Kara and Nate visit, and I was HOOKED! Totally binge-watching! Make the videos you want to make! You are FABULOUS! Love Lenny and Baby Darwin too! You are raising two amazing boys!

  7. I'm sorry, to ask. I'm am legit confused. I have followed you for years, since before you brought your angel Lenny into the world. So I have to ask….even backlogged…even 6months to a year of back log, how can Dawson be that old already when you posted last July that you had him? Forgive me, I mean no disrespect. I love watching your journeys and look forward to in the future, just trying to figure out the massive gap in timelines. Happy sailing!

  8. Oh boy, it’s our “land lecture” episode of how easy we have it 🤣 Don’t forget you’d all go your own way with work and daycare from 8am-5pm. You’d drop the kids at daycare, head to the office, sit at a desk during the daylight hours, then get exercise in if you’re lucky before you get home to make dinner and put the kids to bed.

    You need to make a “typical day on land” episode where you all do an average American work day on land and compare. That would be really interesting actually! 💕💕💕

  9. If I was going to silly enough to leave a boat in the Abaco's during hurricane season, which I would not, I might of chosen Man O War Cay. Look at Hope Town after the last one.

  10. You’re so blessed to have Ellie as a full-time nanny. I had one that came daily while I worked only 6 hr days and she took care of our 3 sons, had dinner ready, did our laundry and even ironed all my husband’s work shirts. She was 70 and we never asked her to do anything other than watch the boys, but she said she wanted to keep active. The 2 that were old enough to talk called her Grandma Edna. On a boat I’d definitely need a full time nanny especially when you’re helping Lenny navigate during storms and all that goes with sailing. Thank God your boat survived the hurricane and the pilot decided not to fly. Love from California

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