Acesta este ceea ce face Yachtingul EPIC!!  Viața oaspeților din iaht
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Zilele 4, 5 și 6 pe iahtul „În sfârșit”. Despre asta este vorba despre yachting! O zi ca oaspete, ce facem și de ce iahtingul este atât de special. Instagram: Garderoba preferată a lui Jared de la Cuts Clothing: Verificați CUTS și economisiți 15% folosind link-ul meu: ARTA lui Becca: https://www. Instagram: Instagram Becca: Portofoliul meu online aici: Cum să deveniți membru al echipajului de iaht: Biblioteca echipajului:


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  1. This yachting trip feels like when automotive YouTubers go on rally's. The rally only lasted 4 days, but the coverage comes out for months and months. You wonder how long were they on this rally,, 6 months. Are they still driving? Lol. I'm not complaining, you can tell Jared puts an exceptional amount of quality into editing what must be hours and hours of footage while still making videos just for the family. Bravo Jared. Keep em coming. And congratulations!

  2. Jared, once again your skills making these video's just keeps getting better and better, this one was absolutely amazing. You're a talented and lucky guy my man! Cheers.

  3. Great series! Such a cool experience for you and Becca. Its wild to think you guys went from serving the guests to being a guest in just a few years! I think you need to make a bonus video of just that adorable bull dog! (but like i'm serious those clips of him are the best)

  4. I have loved the videos of this trip!! The pigs are a hoot! The grotto was gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful trip with us! Love from Vermont

  5. It’s a great trip your on !! I’ve been there several times see the things you guys have experienced. Also been bitten 2 times in the ass by those pigs, after running out of food !!! Great time though !!!

  6. I think that we were anchored at Big Major around the same time. 54ft Light Blue Jeanneau sailboat with white canvas. Beautiful water. Great family experience. Would have said hello if we knew…. Maybe another time. Love the videos! Cheers!

  7. Fantastic final episode for this trip – and yes, I finally saw the pigs 😉 (did they behave badly in any way not shown? There was a mention of them being a bit scary) … Overall great footage and an epic adventure all around. Thanks for everything!

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