Mersul spre nord, prima noastră cursă și plajă "spa" + O mare actualizare despre aventura noastră!
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Am pornit din La Paz pentru ultima oară și ne-am alăturat unei curse către frumoasa Bahia Partida! În acest videoclip vă arătăm că vă ducem în cursa spre insule, explorăm cel mai frumos punct de ancorare de până acum și ne bucurăm de un foc de tabără pe plajă în Baja California Sur, Mexic. Vantage: Like și abonează-te pentru a urmări în timp ce parcurgem cea mai mare aventură din viața noastră. Vă mulțumim pentru vizionare, sperăm că v-a plăcut videoclipul și apreciem sprijinul! Vânturi bune, Zach, Kate, Crystal și cei mici Pentru a ne susține financiar călătoria și a ajuta la continuarea acestor videoclipuri, accesați pagina noastră Patreon: Urmărește-ne pe Instagram pentru a vedea ce altceva am fost până la @sailingvantage @zachvantage @kate_by.the.ocean_ @__coco__calypso__


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  1. That is a shame! I really injoyed ya'lls channel. I was looking forward to seeing how ya'll Cruised on a small boat and was wondering when you may move up to a cat. But ya'll have moved on.
    Ok it was fun all though short.
    So just want to say stay safe out there and Injoy life it is way to short.
    Ok good luck and hope to see ya'll back on the water someday.
    Aloha and Mahalo from the Big Island of Hawaii! Aloha

  2. I wish yall the best. I am checking out the boat , and maybe you will be hearing from me. Personally, I think it would be hard living in the situation you were in, man to man. Maybe some married couples can make it work, but hard none the less. Good luck in your future endeavors. I guess some of my opinion comes from my Mom. She visits and we watch videos some times, and we watched several of your videos. She said your wife dressed respectably, and has kids she has to dress appropriately for. On the other hand, she did not feel this way about Chrystal. She felt a modem of respect should be shown when you dress around married men. She worded it much differently, but you get my drift. She said….this won't last long. Someone is gonna get jealous for good reason, and someone will get mad, for good reason. So I am curious if this played a part. And how long had she known this person she left with, and could he be trusted that far from home? Valid questions…..

  3. As a dreamer watching all the other big sailing channels…Delos…Nahoa..Zatara…it was great to see and watch you guys learn and sail as a young family…definitely will be missed but looking forward to seeing the end of your trip… good luck in the future …hope to see you guys again out on the water….

  4. I found the boat up for sale by chance while surfing boats on Yachtworld. I am glad to know that it was a choice made for an opportunity rather than under duress. I, for one, would like to see the rest of the content you've shot thus far. It seems a shame to let it go to waste! Thanks for the update and I'm happy to know you are all well.

  5. I super excited to see y'alls video! Glad you're doing well! Good luck on all your adventures and new job. Hope to see more videos soon! I'll keep the subscribed button hit in case y'all get back in it! Best of luck!

  6. Keep up the vloging. You seem like the kind of family that could make any adventure entertaining. Heck, the Kardashians even vloged "making breakfast" and look where they ended up. Hope to see it happen. Phil…Tasmania Aus.

  7. Ill be honest. I'm gonna be kind of upset if you guys stop posting once the Sailing stuff is done. You are fantastic story tellers and I think if you keep going, you will have an audience.

    Realtalk though. Zach, whats the job? Anything remotely cool that you can post up here? Alot of us that follow sailing channels just like cool content, Sailing, Car racing, Technology, You name it.

  8. The boat community should come with a type of flag to indicate other boaters that he/she has trolling lines in the water. For example a white flag with two blue lines.
    Just thinking from the top of my head.
    Btw, the rule of thumb is you don't cut behind another boat.

  9. Hi guys you are / were my favorite new sailing channel! Thank you for sharing your lives with us!! All the best to you, as your new adventures begin. <3 😉

  10. Oh you should DEFINITELY post the rest of your sailing adventures, and also do a little daily life vlogging that you can plug in and call the "Real Time Vantage" series lol

  11. Sorry to hear it was cut short. I think you guys had something good going and could of caught up with the large SV vlogs. Watching people that are new at sailing and learning helps the rest of us learn. I see the Zingaro, Delos, Plucky etc and they dont explain much just the highlight reels. But, best of luck to you guys

  12. So fortunate to have met you guys in PE!

    Congratulations on this new chapter of your life! I know we’ll see you our here on the water again some day soon ⛵️💛

    Hope to see the rest of your SOC adventures and that you continue posting vlogs!

  13. That’s a bummer, what job are you leaving this for? Hope it’s worth it. I think if you stuck it out a bit longer you would have many subscribers and the money you need to continue the sail life, seems you only just started to have it end. But best of luck

  14. I think this is the end ,for a long time, the kids will be growing ,getting more demanding, you will not find time to buy a new boat, anytime soon . Just my guess, could be wrong .good luck with your future.

  15. I respect that you changed your mind about being a liveaboard sailing family which you have every right to; however, please be fully authentic as to why you’re giving it up. I watched your previous videos about why you started the sailing life in the first place so it's hard to believe that you stopped for a job opportunity. Sharing the honest truth as to why you changed your mind can be such an amazingly powerful story and be so valuable to educate others with the sailing dream. Honestly, I enjoyed watching your adorable family but I didn’t sense much joy. You guys always seemed cheerful and positive but I was concerned that a family with kids living on a small boat seemed uncomfortable, hard, and miserably hot at times…it seemed like a lot of hard work just for handling the basic living needs. Also, perhaps losing your friends help had something to do with your decision. I was relieved when you bought a water maker and hoped that things would get easier with time. I think you would have been much more comfortable on a well equipped catamaran. Everyone wants to live a joyful life so you have every right to do what is best for you and your family and go back to land life. It’s just unfortunate that no one states the hard truth why a YT sailing channel quits. It could be a viral video if someone were courageous enough to create an honest Why We Quit Living On a Boat video – again it could be terribly powerful and educational and probably a first of its kind. Anyhow, you should be very proud that you made a bold move to try out the sailing life when young and it was a pleasure watching you all. Wish you all the best!

  16. It is good to finally see you all again and know that all is ok. I fully understand your decisions and wish you only the best. Take care, stay safe and the best of luck to you!

  17. I think it is awesome to travel around with plain freedom, but at some point understanding why many take it as a retirement. For personal development is a breeze, but for structural development is a standby. Kids, school, social development etc etc. Best wishes for the family, hope to see you on sailing someday.

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