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  1. Wait does that mean you don't get to go out and have a private life during the day – for instance when the guests are off the boat?
    My experience from my cruise contracts (13 months all together) was the best- I was ashore every single day enjoying the recent city/island and was working only in the evenings.

  2. stop complaining as your food and living and income all tax-free. what more do you want? Long hours? When the yacht is out in the sea, most of the time, you guy just sit around. People are never satisfied with what they got.

  3. hi, are these also temporary (3 months) jobs too? I have worked in 5 star hotels and the aviation industry for more than 10 years and am out of work a lot in winter…

  4. PDF does not work quick says it's not connected to the internet and there's no pin comment? Curious what happened it might cause people to think that your channel not a trustworthy accurate or dependable I've seen almost all of your content and I would hate for somebody to get the wrong impression

  5. I am a Registered Nurse and I tell people that "I don't get paid for what I do, I get paid for what I am capable of doing". This is true in many areas of life. The "Owner" doesn't want to clean the windows, or clean the Teak, or operate the skiff, that's what he pays you to do appropriately. Thanks for your work, those yachts are beautiful.

  6. Anyone that thinks the full time yacht crews get paid too much for the work they do…….is a moron, lol. There are actually owners that appreciate an excellent crew and pay very well. Actually enough so that the crew would never leave if they had continuous work for that owner. Had a friend that used to take excellent care of his crew and a couple of them actually lived in the guest accommodation area (chef and his wife, also a chef). These folks absolutely LOVED working for this guy and we’re with him on two successive yachts.

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