Cool Yacht Caracteristici NBBL articol N.2 #shorts

Cool Yacht Caracteristici NBBL articol N.2 #shorts

Ai nevoie de asta pe lista ta de construcție a bărcii noi? Comentați mai jos👇🏼 @Riviera Australia Pentru a vedea Lista noastră completă (și în mod constant) NBB, alăturați-vă nouă pe Patreon: După ce am vizitat sute de iahturi pentru @NautiStyles Lista noastră de construcție a bărcilor noi a devenit foarte lungă, urmați acest canal pentru vedeți ce articole vom putea încadra în iahtul nostru NBB Explorer B75 #NBBL #NautiStyles #YachtTour


24 thoughts on “Cool Yacht Caracteristici NBBL articol N.2 #shorts

  1. Yeah its nice to have that alarmed on the bridge. But honestly the guests are probably not gonna be opening port holes while voyaging as most will have securement covers latched in place over the windows that are opening. But unless you ask for those portholes, I dont think they come standard on any Bering yachts cause AC works fine on all Berings.

  2. FYI, in the navy, sealing doors situation are constantly checked (very few portholes, I must say!), same for fire where the human senses can detect anomalies sometime quicker than any captors.

  3. Curious if the sensor is also tied to the latch(es) or just the edge/frame sensor? I can see someone just pushing the porthole "closed" but not secured/latched, so might be a false sense of security.

    That said, I like the idea!

  4. Whilst fresh air is nice, where I mostly travel, it's also salty and one really doesn't want that inside their vessel so the best way to get fresh air is with a filtered air exchange. I also prefer to limit the number of holes in my hull that can easily allow water entry so in my case the portholes are windows that don't open.

  5. Reminds me of my window contacts on my home alarm. Then sensor tells you it's closed, but not locked. Would the same apply here? Does it just tell you that it is closed or does it tell you it is properly secured? I would still physically check them heading into any rough weather. Good idea though.

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