VIEȚILE NOASTRE DEPINDE DE EL | Navigare către un ancoraj sigur

VIEȚILE NOASTRE DEPINDE DE EL |  Navigare către un ancoraj sigur

Episodul 204 💙 ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI 💙 pentru conținut VIP, actualizări săptămânale în timp real, jurnalele căpitanilor, tracker și multe altele! 💙 MERCH 💙 În ultimele două săptămâni am navigat pe coasta de sud a Puerto Rico. Am ajuns la punctul nostru de ancorare final aici în La Parguera și ne-am pregătit pentru următoarea navigație lungă către Jamaica, apoi către destinația noastră finală, Guatemala, pentru a scăpa de sezonul uraganelor care este deja aici. Așteptăm acum o săptămână ca vânturile să se calmeze și, în sfârșit, avem o fereastră decentă, dar oarecum ușor, și oricât de mult ne-ar plăcea să stăm și să explorăm mai mult din Puerto Rico, nu mai putem aștepta. , din moment ce furtunile încep să se formeze și Puerto Rico este chiar în calea uraganelor. De când am filmat acest uragan, Fiona a lovit exact acest loc din care plecăm și am lăsat atât de multă distrugere în calea ei. Suntem recunoscători că am luat decizia de a pleca, dar gândurile noastre sunt încă la toți prietenii noștri și oamenii din Puerto Rico, deoarece se confruntă cu un drum lung de recuperare. Viețile noastre sunt dictate de vreme, lucru la care rar am acordat atenție înainte de a o ajunge pe Saoirse. Ploaia, vântul, furtunile au fost doar inconveniente minore în ziua noastră. Acum, viața noastră DEPINDE de faptul că urmărim vremea și ne ducem barca și noi într-o locație sigură, cât mai sigur posibil. Bucurați-vă de spectacol! Xoxo B+B


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  1. I noticed a couple of episodes ago that you got a pair of the folding winch handles. I hope the company comped them to you. I would love to buy a pair, but they are a little too expensive for a "nice to have" item.

    It's been years since I flew a symmetrical spinnaker, but I think you want to let the pole go forward until it is perpendicular to the wind. We had a telltale on the pole for that reason. You can probably fly the symmetrical as an asym by tacking one part down, but it won't work quite as well. As I said before, you want the pole jaws to be up so it's easy to get it off the sheet when you need to. Also, the leading edge should be just of the verge of collapsing in order to get the maximum power. There's an art to flying one properly.

  2. Beau , basic starting rule for pole is ‘90 deg to the wind and parallel to horizon’. The ‘clew’ should be at the end of the pole.
    Keep the pole on the weather or upwind side so you don’t accidentally gybe.
    About 10-30 deg off dead down wind will be fastest point of sail, a very deep reach . Dead down win should be avoided too easy to Gybe accidentally. ( and wrap spinnaker around the forestay 😱)
    Let out sheet until the edge of sail from clew/pole is occasionally curling and flapping back . Or pull sheet in just a little tighter until curling stops. ( only slightly slower).
    Also your pole may be extended too long. Typical length is from upper ring on mast of you have one to bow.
    Glad to see you having a go.
    Cheers Warren

  3. A valiant effort and I think it was just not the right conditions as you stated.. Tough to do anything with the boat rocking about aa it was in those nondetermined seas.. Hey maybe having the main up and out say 30 degrees might help funnel a current of air into the spinster and keep the boat from rocking and spilling air as much? A stabilizing force ???? Love you two ❤

  4. Hi Beau and Brandy,
    Thank you for giving us this great video and for sharing your wonderful ailing adventures with us all.
    Suggestion, try moving the pole tip further aft so that any head sail you use is not flopping around so much when sailing downwind. It will catch more wind and be far quieter if the pole tip is moved aft. Experiment with your sail trim until you find what works best. Don't be afraid to pull the sail back too much as you can always let it out further if it does not work better. Experiment with learning to sail wing to wing when going downwind for more SOG.

  5. Congrats guys on the mahi-mahis good eating coming soon🐠🐟. What you need is a wind on leader and a bridled planner. Check out gale force twins they have a good video tutorial bridled planner it’s a removable planner then you can continue to reel in line like normal next time in port with a good tackle store look for like 60 lb wind on swivel and double end west coast snap swivel get four of each for spares and watch Amanda and Emily’s video on removable planner trolling or on my channel I have it. You all get a big mahi-mahi or tuna or kingfish you’ll have a very hard time trying to land him your way and the planner comes off it’s great.
    When you can since you love planner fishing now swap out half your mono to braide on 6/0 Penn senator I think you are using. I use it to gave my son my tld 50’s two speed change to like 65 to 85 lb braide on planner fishing you don’t want stretching on waves then after you make bridle I use uni knots to tie on swivels then lure leader of 50 lb mono I like Andy pink 50,75 or 100 ft Remember guys you will be able to reel line all the way in maybe 49 lb wind on swivels they have to fit through top guide. This will be a game changer for you two. Oh and Dominican Republic has some monster mahi-mahi over there. When you can watch Bluegabe in DR unbelievable fish huge three of them John HOOKED N ROLLING OFFSHORE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🐠🛥🎣🛥

  6. Your extra skills in video editing is showing up on this one, especially the coordinated clips from the drone and back to the cockpit when departing. Good going guys. The spinnaker pole tip should be adjusted fore and aft to get the leading edge of the sail in a position to keep the leading from curling inward. You should be able to set the sail for a fairly wide range of wind angles, and the only way to accomplish that is the fore and aft position of the tip. I think your instincts are correct, you need to practice. Loved this video; I'm sure it was a lot of work.

  7. Your Spinnaker pole should be more or less aligned with your boom if you main was up, so your thinking was good. You should've tried to pul it forward, and then adjust the starboard sheet by bring it in.

  8. I wouldnt fly a spinnaker on a whisker pole or have the pole beyond 90 degrees to the mast. Great video though guys and glad you caught both the fish because I think they travel in male and female pairs (not sure if that is true though). Greg 🇬🇧

  9. You guys those fishing shots were awesome!! Love this episode so much. Thanks for sharing some of the nitty gritty, trial & error parts of learning while you go! So happy you got out of PR before Fiona.

    Don't miss out on going up in the blue mountains to visit "Dunns River Falls" to see the bluest milky teal water and the smoothest hugest walking stones you'll ever see. The adventure starts with a ride up the mountain which is soo much fun and BEAUTIFUL. Getting to see locals that have never been down from the mountains in there whole life. They have built wooden steps for the long trail down to the falls. You'll stop and enjoy pure sugar, sweetest pineapple and mangos. THEY PROVIDE lunch halfway down the trail. Rice and beans with spicy jerk chicken. They video tape your teip through the falls while walking n through the most beautiful water youll ever see. Some routes everyone makes a human hand held line so to help each other not to fall. There are long slides down very smoth rocks that have been made smoth by water and everyone sliding for many years. Dont forget water shoes. But music is playing and they are video taping and jumping from trees from 40 feet up. Its sooo much fun!!! The Jamaicans are the warmest people you'll ever meet. Expect to see a lot of weed and old men smoking it everywhere…lol
    They have the long dreads and striped hats. You'll never see Jamaican woman smoking because they call it devil weed…lol
    From the time you hit land til you leave, you'll smell sweet mango smell and weed. I have been many times and stayed in Negril which I loved!! It's oldest city in Jamaica 🇯🇲
    and is where you see the grandest sunsets you'll ever see!! Ochis Rio is beautiful and all the others are beautiful too. They are big on spicy jerk chicken. They are actually famous for using jerk seasoning and it's delicious! Don't leave Jamaica without buying as many bottles of the famous Rum Cream. Taste sooo good in coffee and other drinks. It's an alcohol Rum Cream. Also don't forget just as many Bottles of their famous Spicy Rum. You will not find Rum this delicious anywhere else in the world. Also grab a few bags of the Famous Blue Mountain Coffee. Organically grown in the famous blue mountains. The Rastafarians "Rastas" are the men in the stripped red,yellow,black and green (Jamaica colors) hats. They speak their language but most all speak English. I travel all over the world. I'm from Tennessee but Jamaica is my home away from home. Reggae music playing everywhere so expect a lot of Bob Marley music and they live on island time! They always say "soon come" when you ask for something and "don't worry be happy!"
    You are considered a millionaire if you have 500$ US. Take lots of 1 doller bills for tipping because they are poor people and deserve it. Everything is negotiable. If they say a drink is 2 dollars. Offer 1 and tell them you'll give them 1$ to take home for themselves. My husband says I own at least half of Jamaica because I live to give money away when there..haha but I can't help it there. Even the little kids love nickles,dimes and quarters. You'll see them washing clothes with their moms as you walk over manmade wooden string bridges. Tourist..well some, not all but soft heart people like me stop for a couple hours an drop coins into their little washin pans. They smile and throw kisses back…they are so sweet and appreciative. So please tip while in the mountains. Try the famous breadfruit. That's all most mountain Jamaicans survive on. Ask them to show you the "Shygirl" grass plant.
    You'll probably notice most all the tourism is on one side of the island. I call it the east side, side that faces Cuba. That's where all the famous "Sandals Resorts" are. STAY WAY AWAY FROM KINGSTON!!! It's all gang land. Negril is on one e d if Jamaica and Ki gstown on the other. The middle of down to Negril is the safest and youll see all the high rise resorts on that side as well. Everything you want to enjoy is on that side of the island. Its very safe. Just czrry 5s and 1s$ for spends. Can get most anything for 1 or 2 bucks when drinking and eating. Dollars are the easiest to deal with because you can buy for a dollar or two and easily tip a dollar ir two. So much more I could tell you but if you'll go to Google and just type in Jamaica vacation forum or something like that. You'll find the questions and answers to anything you want to know. I hope you 2 love it as much as we do! Safe travels.
    And smoke a little Jamaican Bob Marley Red Weed 😆 🤣 😂 best place to stock up if your looking for a supply. We always fly so I dare not leave a seed in my suitcase but most all sailors stop there for stock. Sorry for the sailors spoiler
    Dirt cheap too! What one joint cost in the US which is like 5 bucks, there is like 20 cents or less. I choose to enjoy the herbs of the land grown everywhere and organically there. Maybe some don't and that's fine too but just thought I'd fill ya in on the info 😃
    Have a grand ole time! Just remember that e eryone is on island time. Rains once a day to cool off everyone as well. Last about 30 minutes and the sun shiny again. You'll see the rain coming from the mountains and it's beautiful to watch.
    Sending good vibes from your Tennessee fan. ⛵️

  11. There is nothing worse than somebody that doesn't try, you guys are tryers and that is what will make you succeed. You have succeeded so much already I can't wait to see what comes next … Stay Safe & Fair Winds!!

  12. I know this video is 5 day since its posting but I was concern that you might still be in the area where hurricane Ian is expected to track. I hope your are not. Be safe my friends.

  13. Pole should be perpendicular to the wind and in line with the boom if you have the main up. You should be able to fly a symmetrical from about 110 awa to 180 awa..
    It's a bit too high also. A downhaul would help. If it's a line control pole you shouldn't use it with spinnaker. Next time leave the spinnaker up, then let out the headsail in front of it. Then pull down the sock. Spinny is much easier to take down when it's in the wind shadow of another sail.

  14. Geoff and Joan
    We are hoping you two are safe despite the violent winds and flooding of Ian. Please put out a tiny notice to people that you are absolutely fine, or somewhat ok, or need help.

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