Se apropie… | Sălbatic navigație

Se apropie... |  Sălbatic navigație

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33 thoughts on “Se apropie… | Sălbatic navigație

  1. Well herr capitan you will soon be abandoning us landlubbers so ill watch another fantastic korean drama series called dr john ,i watched the last of the one and two series 48 in all of doctor romantic last night.

  2. Sad as both nadiana and mark will be having to give yoshi away i think there doing the right thing,as he maybe gets stressed been on a boat,i have seen other people with dogs on there boats on you tube and even cats,which really is not a good thing.And its good of mark and nadiana to think more of whats best for yoshi and not of themselves.

  3. I'm amazed at the number of negative Yoshi comments. First, we don't know everything that goes on in their lives. Second, they're not abandoning him, they are trying to find him an even better home. One where he can enjoy life instead of being restricted to a little boat. I think it's more like they adopted someone from a really bad situation and now it is time to let him go to a new life where he can live a dog's life. I see bright happy days in Yoshi's future. I don't think this has anything to do with him biting Nadiana. There are numerous challenges trying to live with a dog on a little boat.

  4. I recommend that you run an uninsulated braided wire as an earth wick from that mast bundle down to the hull earth plate. The voltages are harmless to you guys baring a direct strike obviously because there’s no appreciable current. It’s a different story for unhardened micro electronics where it could do untold damage. Volts jolts but mills kills unless you are a microprocessor!

  5. You should never taken yoshi in the beginning you will find it difficult to rehome him, get your parents to take him instead of abandoning him because he no longer suits you, this makes my blood boil

  6. Catamarans and being fast.

    I used to sail catamaran dinghies… they float on the water like surfboards or maybe like the catamarans the Polynesians used to migrate across the Pacific.

    My little cat on a calm day with no one on it you could push it across water like a toy boat on a pond. It glides over it doesn’t cut through.

    Modern cruising cats like yours are not like that… yes they don’t need ballast and keels but they don’t skim over the water. And the reason some cats are faster than some monohulls is because they can cope with stronger winds and have bigger sails.

    I love cats… and I too am moving my life round so I can live the life like you do. I started looking at cats but decided on a monohull. Yes cats are IMHO better when you are at anchor and you have a lot of nice shaped room… but generally they are a lot more costly.

    Anyone is free to disagree but I would say £ pound for £ pound comparing like to like in terms of age and what you get a cats cost is four times more than a mono.

    You did well to get what you got and it might not be the first from one mooring to another but you will sleep best.

    Hope to meet you somewhere ina remote anchorage… meanwhile I love the channel.

  7. Omygosh! I’m going to miss yoshi so much. Check and see if you can find a loving Jack Russell dog rescue. I do not believe he should be labeled as a bitter. That was a complete accident and any breed of dog would have done the exact same thing. I will be praying so hard that Yoshi finds a beautiful home. I’m super sad right now because I love seeing him in all the videos.

  8. Nice video, thank you. Okay Nadiyana; you can be a Farmer or a Cowgirl – but not both, there is no such animal. Yoshi; I hope you are able to find a forever home for the little fella, I completely understand the need for your doing so. I see a sailing kitty in you two's future…

  9. Thanks for the mention , hopefully the guardian article has brought you some extra subs , sadly they didn't link to sailing melody so Andy has missed out a little on the benefits, Nelson my boxer has been on board full time for 12 years, from Ireland to the Turkish coastline, some frustrating moments but mostly joyous ones..
    good luck

  10. A wise choice on re-homing Yoshi, I could name 20 reasons to find a new home for him, but, I'm sure you already know the top 5, don't feel bad, you gave him a life, which is more than most people gave him.

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