SLOW TV SAILING –ASMR: 5 zile pe mare în 50 de minute

SLOW TV SAILING –ASMR: 5 zile pe mare în 50 de minute

Vederi frumoase și relaxante și sunete de navigație în timp ce călătorim cu familia noastră din Costa Rica până în Mexic. Alăturați-vă nouă într-o navigație de 5 zile, 460 de mile marine, cu apusuri uimitoare, o mulțime de vizite la delfini, timp liniștit în familie, schimbări de vele, fulgere, furtuni și multe altele. Dacă urmăriți videoclipurile noastre, tocmai ați văzut „versiunea editată” în 2 părți a acestei vele, acum pregătiți-vă să vă instalați și să vă bucurați de scene lungi, netăiate, super chill, reale și brute, în diferite condiții pe care le întâlnim în călătorie. . Dacă vă place acest videoclip, consultați lista noastră de redare la sau abonați-vă la canalul nostru la Urmărește documentul nostru în 4 părți -serie: Protejați-vă de soare! Susține videoclipurile noastre- Trimite-ne dragoste Ne finalizăm navigarea în jurul lumii, așa că mai sunt multe de văzut ! Sprijinul dvs. va finanța echipamente mai bune pentru cameră, internet pentru a încărca videoclipuri și, desigur, lubrifianți creativi pentru a ușura procesul de editare 🙂 – Echipament recomandat pentru cameră! – Abonați-vă la noul nostru site minunat. – În culise. – Like-ne pe Facebook – Sprijină-ne cumpără un tricou dulce Delos! 00:00 Ziua 1: Plecarea din Costa Rica cu o navigație de 460 de mile către Mexic 01:27 Timp de familie pe punte 05:55 Apusul soarelui Ziua 1 08:56 Ziua 2: Fulger, Apus, timp de joacă 15:58 Apus Ziua 2 18:30 Ziua 3: Cufundare în delfini, navigație cu spinnaker 29:00 Apus de soare Ziua 3 31:03 Ziua 4: Treceți-vă timpul, calm, pace 34:00 Apus de soare Ziua 4 35:23 Ziua 5: Călărit pe Squall, sosire în Mexic 36: 28 Navigarea în portul de agrement


43 thoughts on “SLOW TV SAILING –ASMR: 5 zile pe mare în 50 de minute

  1. Loved it! Thanks so much for sharing this. My favorite part was the dolphins talking. Maybe the best footage of dolphins bow riding I have ever seen. I felt like I was there with you on watch. Can't wait for more.

  2. I hope you will continue from time to time with this kind of slow video. I enjoy your journey so much and hope you will continue this for a long time. You are an inspiration for an alternative way of living as a family.

  3. Hey hope you read your messages!!! You shouldn't have slowed down your video's if you hadn't I would have never noticed the other relationship.. it seems like you haven't stopped maybe I should give your wife a call and let her know why the house wreaker is still aboard..?? I Fn warned you Brian tell her or loose it all..And NO it wasn't a dream.. last chance tell her or I will…

  4. My wife and I watched this on the HD big screen just before bed last night. It was so relaxing, and it didn't seem like it was 50 minutes long, so it must have been entertaining. It WAS different from your usual "shows" for sure.

  5. Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the water & the massive skyline & enjoy everything nature gives us, we all tend to take everything for granted, thank you Brian for a wonderful fifty minutes of calm & tranquility 🇬🇧

  6. We LOVED this episode. We felt like we could feel the solitude of Delos and the wind. This is exactly why we watch. We can't wait for Sierra to start talking fully. Love to you and your family Brian.

  7. Well Delos, I have been following you now for over 6 years. You have never disappointed. I can feel and relate to your successes and your pains, although my life is far different.I Watch your videos every weekend as my life is very intense (I work in marine protection on behalf of Canada), and you provide solace and some calm and reminds me to keep my attention on my family. I did , however, want to tell you that you are no longer popping up on my youtube feed automatically. I do get your email. But if I wasn't thinking of you every week, I wouldn't see you. That is not right, given how long I have followed you. I, like you,I am sure, am becoming increasingly disenfranchised with youtube. I hope this kind of feedback is helpful. Love your skill and talent and send my deepest well wishes. James

  8. My lovely wife wants to know what podcast Jordan was listening to at the beginning of the Day 2 segment, the one with the two women talking about 🍆 girth vs 🍆 length 😂 In the interest of “science”, Jordan, care to share?

  9. I just started watching you and Love you all and that Baby is Awesome and Lucky!
    May I ask without Judgment
    Are you all married to each other?
    Or Mom Daddy and Daughter
    Please don't say I am being Judgemental
    I am trying to know you all when I watch.
    Thank you and Sailing by Rod Stewart ❤🙂

  10. Hey question hopefully you will see this and respond, do y’all keep up with sierras shots? As in is there more of a risk of her getting sick while traveling? Very curious to how some people handle/ trust other countries medicines. I am not wanting my daughter to get these shots just because I have a strong belief that the human body can defend itself! Please I need some other peoples opinions and not anyone who is close minded and scared. Thanks! Ps- I live in Florida but I am planning on traveling around and living the cruising lifestyle

  11. I love seeing Sierra developing he sea legs. Her balancing is very developed. She could possibly be a great gymnast. You could put up a straight bar and teach her “kip-ups" that can lead to swinging and tricks. Or she could be a good 1st mate or a Captain.

  12. Nice – a very different episode from your usual fare – I had to watch it twice to find the groove, but I came to love it – very relaxing and promoting contemplation

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