Marea Nordului într-o barcă de 28 de picioare – Este aceasta o idee bună? [Chpt 2]

Marea Nordului într-o barcă de 28 de picioare - Este aceasta o idee bună? [Chpt 2]

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39 thoughts on “Marea Nordului într-o barcă de 28 de picioare – Este aceasta o idee bună? [Chpt 2]

  1. Thanks for the calculation of the wobbling factor 🙂 As an Optima 92 owner (30ft) we want to make the same journey, good to know how wobbly it can get. Warm regards form the netherlands.

  2. Beautiful episode! Some of the nighttime shots and those of the town’s outskirts were gorgeous. If Aladino’s still wondering, the wind turbines floating offshore are spar bouys, connected to the sea floor with massive anchors and catenary anchor chains, similar to Spar Oil Rigs. The smaller ones are directly fixed like piers. Also, I have a question of my own. Around 18:45, plaques are visible showing multiple Royal Navy Vessels. What’s the story behind these plaques? Is it a war memorial? A specific battle? I’d love to find out.

  3. Love the way you tell the story of your passage across the North Sea. That comfort scale on sailing craft is excellent. Glad to know that information. It gives us a very nice and educated understanding of what you're dealing with. Your background choice of music is very tasteful. Really do like it. Y'all work so well together.

  4. Hi
    Have you been following Kirsten Neuschäfer as she challenges all the men in the Golden Globe around the world race with her Cape George 36? My Mariposa had horizoned boats like Valiant 40's and Fast Passage 39's as well as ULDB racer cruisers enough times to know that she had a lot more boat speed than the boats in the first Globe. That is what we are seeing. As soon as Kirsten breaks free of a wind hole she just trucks through the fleet up to (currently) second place overall.
    Go Kirsten!

  5. With all facts at hand, I hope that the naughty wind turbines are dismantled as they are not able to fulfill the function they were meant to fulfill. Save wildlife and return to nuclear power. Wind turbines are ugly.

  6. Dear Maya and Aladino. I ended up on your YouTube channel by chance. Probably because of youtube's sometimes unfathomable algorithmic data. I really like people who restore something old or build something themselves. For example, I follow a few canals in which old (stone) houses are being restored. especially Martijn Doolaard's canal is fantastic. This Dutch man does almost everything himself. Last year, he bought a piece of land in northern Italy in the mountains with a few stone houses that he is currently renovating. From all his work, he makes beautiful video reports at a wonderfully slow pace, a breath of fresh air in this hectic and often too fast world. I have the same kind of vibe with your channel. you both radiate a similar energy. both very handy with their own qualities. you make beautiful images and tell very entertaining about your experiences. You complement each other perfectly in almost everything and other than that you are just very nice people who have given up their commitment and made their dreams come true. I looked at almost all posts from the past year yesterday. It is very educational, calming and almost meditative to follow you. Thank you for sharing this on youtube!

  7. You made it! I´m not sure if an 38´ft. boat is going more easy over the North Sea, but this sea area is known for quick changes in wind direction an windspeed and currents besides the industrial use of it. I think you weren´t used to longer sea passages after long time refitting your two boats. The Baltic Sea has some more secrets to offer – specially in these times… Greetings from river Elbe/Germany.

  8. Love the video, as I loved all of them watched until now. Great to see you travelling through well known territories, living in the Netherlands and working in Denmark. Crossed the North Sea myself in our 28 foot sloop on a two night journey, tiring experience indeed!

    Few remarks: the monopile foundations of the wind turbines are simply hammered or vibrated in the sandy seabed, no anchors or screws applied. In the deeper sections of the North Sea (near Scotland) the first floating wind turbines are installed by now. It is expected many more turbine farms will be constructed in the coming years, even together with artificial service islands in the vicinity to allow for farms to be placed further offshore. While I do understand or even agree with comments they are ugly, I am still convinced these farms around the North Sea play a vital role in our energy generation for the coming decades. Much prefer some blinking red lights at the horizon over exploding gas pipes used for financing of questionable regimes… Disclaimer: I earn my money in marine contracting.

    Secondly: I wouldn’t call the Limfjord a canal (man made waterway), as it is a fjord (kind of natural water way), but that is a detail bothering only the odd person graduated in physical geography in your audience.

    And lastly: while I do understand your urge to reach Denmark, I still think it is a pity you skipped the beautiful Wadden Islands of Vlieland and Terschelling. Vlieland Roads is the most beautiful tidal anchorage in the Netherlands and both islands are absolutely worth a visit, highly recommended if you are ever near them again!

    Looking forward to see the next video already….

  9. Provided your 28 foot vessel is seaworthy and appropriately crewed and equipped, there's no reason why you shouldn't take to sea a you have!

    Plenty of vessels smaller than 28 foot have crossed the Atlantic and even circumnavigated.

    Being at sea isn't the time to be asking if you should be at sea, quit with the pseudo drama…

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