DUPĂ URAGAN Ce s-a întâmplat când s-a întrerupt curentul…

DUPĂ URAGAN Ce s-a întâmplat când s-a întrerupt curentul...

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24 thoughts on “DUPĂ URAGAN Ce s-a întâmplat când s-a întrerupt curentul…

  1. I used some of they flooring to line the inside of a trunk, black rubber side inside. I painted the inside with oil base white paint. The next day had boils of black rubber all over. so the rubber stripped off easily, So worry about trying to epoxy that rubber down.

  2. While I am anxious for you guys to get out sailing again I have been really impressed with your hard work on your remodel. Far and away my favorite sailing channel. Well, you guys and Barefoot Sailing Adventures because they are from my home lake in SC. Both of your channels give great hope to those of us who dream of making the sailing life a reality. Thanks for all of your great videos. Cheers.

  3. Hey guys we have throughly enjoyed following your adventures and will continue watching. We are also live aboard sailors currently living in Burnt Store marina located in Punta Gorda, Florida. Our boat and many of our friends vessels have been destroyed by hurricane Ian. Not sure what our next move will just glad that friends and family survived. S.V Voodoo

  4. I live in England UK , obviously in Europe I’ve never heard of the Network “ Telegram “ apart from the old style one , but I agree with what you both said of the scammers targeting YouTube Groups it’s about time that YouTube themselves got involved with this issue because it’s getting too serious now. Try and do an International Competition for all of your’e YouTube followers .

  5. where is link to ANNAPOLIS BOAT SHOW AWARDS. by LE VAGABOND. I emailed Lisa Lucke Administrative Assistant at Annapolis Boat Show. her response was no idea ask Mary

  6. 642 COMMENTS, i assume im not the 1st or only one curios how the floor actually works and you get to your bilge. do a little short and get into into it and show us how you get into the bilge.

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