Ora charter! Super @Yacht Arience și Chef @Olive Oil and Benzina se pregătesc.

Ora charter!  Super @Yacht Arience și Chef @Olive Oil and Benzina se pregătesc.

Vino alături de mine în timp ce mă îndrept la bordul Yacht-ului Arience, în timp ce echipajul se pregătește să-și ia următorul charter. Ei trebuie să facă totul – să curățeze lemnul de tec, să termine rufele, să curețe și să reaprovizioneze vasul și să se încadreze în antrenamente de siguranță și exerciții de incendiu. Consultați @Olive Oil and Benzină și @Yacht Arience pentru mai multe! Mulțumim lui @The Yacht Chef pentru inserția de miniatură Yacht Arience.


40 thoughts on “Ora charter! Super @Yacht Arience și Chef @Olive Oil and Benzina se pregătesc.

  1. I am looking for a job on the cruise ship. I have good food and beverage knowledge and now i am working at the Hotel with F&B. how can i get a job on cruise ship? Help me please 🙏..

  2. Ah yes, turn around between events is always busy but refreshing to watch the professionalism and preparation by the crew. Interesting thing I noticed during the fire drill, Who normally performs the role of the main fire party on a yacht the size of Arience (or even Revelry)? I thought I saw both Engineers and deck crew suiting up. Is that true? Thanks, Nina!

  3. Imo one only needs to see a laundry room w/ 6 washers-6 dryers and a super big walk in freezer LOADED w/ food to know this yacht is a A++ good time. 😊

  4. It's still so crazy seeing all these channels popping up like yourself, Jared Watney, Work On A Super Yacht, Super Yacht Captain to name a few; I mean five years ago this sort of content was so forbidden and people (including myself) were swiftly punished for even uploading a photo to Instagram let alone an entire vlog about life at sea but now here we have all these new age yachtie influencers taking over YouTube and doing it all, crazy how times have changed, I mean I'm not an old seadog but I've been part of the industry for the last 14 years.

  5. It's a translator, so I don't know if it'll be delivered accurately.

    If I am the owner or passenger of that yacht, I would like to express my gratitude to those who are suffering invisibly by spending a few days of the itinerary for their party.

  6. You all should watch the movie "Triangle of sadness. The story is about the relationship on a Cruise ships between the millionaire and vip guest and the crew. It's really funny!!

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