Cuplu începător în navigație prins în furtună

Cuplu începător în navigație prins în furtună

Navigarea cu furtună. Ziua 5 dintr-o croazieră de 8 zile, 320 mile, Chesapeake în Blown Aweigh, un Tartan 3500 din 1992. O celulă de furtună mare ne prinde lângă Insula Smith din Tangier Sound la sfârșitul zilei,


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  1. Following seas are not always your friend. Don't be afraid to take on some water with the bow especially while using motor power. Ive seen mono hulls battling 10ft seas with little issue. She may heel over when on a beam reach but she won't do much more than wet the rail. To a novice this is a scary feeling but the weighted keel will always do its thing.

  2. My first experience with sailing was sailing camp in Gloucester Virginia. On the second day of the sailing part after however many days lessons were we were not allowed above from bad weather which snapped the mast. The other boat took their sails in but their engine didn't work so we huddled cold and wet while motororing for four hours trying to catch the other boat so they, captains, could tie the boats side by side to get to a port. Did I mention it was a freaking hurricane? No? Hurricane David 1982 with the most incompetent boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife sailing camp. Since I've been on three boats that sank, thrown out of two from running aground, again incompetent owner, and various other calamities. I'm still down if someone invites me out. Subscribed

  3. A couple of tips…1) Reef early if the wind is building…2) Head up into the wind when reefing or dropping sail…3) Some sail is better than no sail except in very extreme conditions(50 knots plus) it stabilizes the motion of the boat. Maybe a little jib and a fully reefed main or just the jib…4) when going way downwind let out the main all the way until the boom is almost perpendicular to the boat and fit a preventer to stop accidental jibes. I have over 100,000 miles under my keel and I love conditions like this, flat water and strong winds downwind…bliss. Good luck and keep on sailing. The more experience you get the better sailors you will become. As the saying goes…'experience stops you from making mistakes. You gain experience when you make mistakes'.

  4. I would've been terrified to " Idle " down wind in those conditions, especially heading into shallow water.. I have little experience in those conditions, but I believe I would've headed into that storm, NOT run down wind.. Please share your thoughts.

  5. If you stick a bit of jib up, you'll find she handles a lot better, with much less rolling. I'm my hometown on the North Sea, there are fishing trawlers that still use steadying sails (usually astern of the wheelhouse) to mitigate roll.

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