Nu poți parca acolo!

Nu poți parca acolo!

Un Audi S3 de 30k a fost condus pe plajă, chiar la sud de Blackpool, pe rampa de la Squires Gate la miezul nopții și a rămas blocat. Un val mare de 9 metri a intrat pentru a înghiți mașina, întorcând-o complet cerc față de poziția în care se afla inițial. WEM Recovery of Wood Park Road din Blackpool a scos mașina de pe plajă și o va returna la Wakefield în Yorkshire, unde locuiește proprietarul. Calendarul 2023 disponibil aici


47 thoughts on “Nu poți parca acolo!

  1. Almost certainly a write off. Electronic handbrake, automatic gearbox, brakes locked fast. There’s no way this is going back on the road very soon. Besides saltwater corrosion has probably already damaged the delicate computer chips in the car. It’s a write off for sure👍

  2. What an interesting incident you have covered Stephen. Shows how dangerous it can be driving or parking on the sands. A very costly mistake they will have to learn from 😂

  3. Tinted plates suggest a boy racer owner. If the insurance find any engine or exhaust modifications to have been done after it left the factory then they won't pay out a penny .

  4. I would never park on the beach anywhere. You really cannot trust the sand and never judge the tide. Always Park on solid ground. There is a reason why hotels with sea view rooms, are a bit more expensive than a standard view.
    Lovely car also. I would not like to think about the insurance claim on this.

  5. Car was there at 6:30am and I'm sure windows were still intact. I tried to report it to police on 101 but gave up after being on hold for over 20min.

  6. I remember one evening seeing an ambulance stuck there – the crew told me they’d gone down the road looking for the toilets and went on the beach to turn round. Thankfully for them it was at least 15 years ago so didn’t end up plastered all over Facebook!

  7. Once got stuck on Scarborough beach in early Hours had to break into the deck chair shed to make a road of flat deck chair and had to have help from two ladies if the night to help out ! Young and dumb!

  8. What Bellend takes a car on the sand ? Bet his digger was in 4wd too , couldnt think straight all the blood left his brain run to his digger and all he can think about was a plunge with the seats down .

  9. 10/10 Stephen wonder how they will get the tractor back home ? that going to be an expensive trip on to the beach then the possible loss of a car also mmmm bet they don't do that in a hurry again at least they got out safe that's the main thing

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