Fete, navigație și accidentări la ancore [ep 34]

Fete, navigație și accidentări la ancore [ep 34]

A doua retragere de yoga & respirație + scufundări libere s-a încheiat și am navigat în jurul insulei până în următorul golf pe care ajungem să-l numim acasă pentru o vreme. Patru fete navighează 80 nm, pierd o ancoră și aproape se desprind de ancorajul lor. Deveniți un Patron! Acces la conținut exclusiv (inclusiv conținut suplimentar Mako) și streamuri live https://www.patreon.com/laurenlanders Paypal: paypal.me/souldelamar Venmo: venmo.com/u/souldelamar Lista de dorințe: https://www.amazon. com/hz/wishlist/ls/WT5UKPG3ITDP?ref_=wl_share Luați niște Soul de La Merch! https://www.souldelamar.com/shop/ Ochelari de soare: https://www.pntrac.com/t/Qz9HSUJLP0RHRUNFSj9HSUJL?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.saltlife.com%2Fportofino-fade-brown-sunglasses- sl104fbr.html https://www.pntrs.com/t/Qz9HSUJLP0RHRUNFSj9HSUJL?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.saltlife.com%2Fcudjoe-matte-blac-grey-horn-sl503mbgh-ssi-na.html https: //www.gopjn.com/t/Qz9HSUJLP0RHRUNFSj9HSUJL?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.saltlife.com%2Fsorrento-havana-brown-tortoise-sunglasses-sl102hbt-na.html Produse preferate: Cod Stream2Sea.com laurenalanders” cod thesilkco.com: Cafea „Lauren Landers Sailing”: https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1765969&u=3110145&m=110103&urllink=&afftrack= cod oceansoulbali.com: „LL15” Echipament pentru navigație: https de la MauriPro ://www.mauriprosailing.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Affiliate=laurenalanders&Store_Code=us Abonament Thrive 40% reducere: http://thrv.me/WzJrbh Magazin Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/ shop/_laurenlanders Verificați site-ul meu: https://www.soudelamar.com/ Rezervați un charter https://www.soudelamar .com/contact/ Instagram instagram.com/laurenlanders instagram.com/makoatsea


28 thoughts on “Fete, navigație și accidentări la ancore [ep 34]

  1. Hair, makeup on a sailboat is like crying in baseball. Not permitted. Can't believe your swivel pin broke on the anchor. That totally sucks. Looks like y'all having loads of fun can't wait till I retire and join y'all. My wife and I will be the crazy old people. LOL

  2. Sorry you lost your anchor, glad no damage happened, You are so amazing how even keeled you are, something goes wrong you just deal with it and move on. very impressed, guess thats why your the Captain.

  3. Try a hacksaw blade on fishing line wrapped around a shaft. Also, please keep hands well away from the windlass roller! Great show but I cringe seeing the girls fingers so close to it while running! 🙂

  4. The hardest lessons are learning from things we lose unfortunately, aside the cost and replacement stress how are you feeling truly? Little things add up and can crush a person if left unattended. Make sure you give yourself time daily to recenter yourself. Do you have a specific way that you find most helpful to you?

  5. That is the WORST kind of swivel you can use on an anchor!!! More anchors are lost on that type of swivel. Never mind what sailing magazines say. Few days of testing an outcome does not determine!!! Don't you set a GPS position fix when you anchor? A new anchor from the US to the Bahamas in NOT going to be cheap. Upward of $1800-2000. Try to find the lost anchor!

  6. Hi Lauren! So, there are only about a dozen tools I bring with me on deliveries… one is a "Safety Wire Plier". Why? Because people don't seem to safety wire their shackles anymore… Check it out – as with everything, pay more than you think you can afford – $70-100 on eBay I'd bet… They're just magic.

  7. Great video…sorry about the anchor, that stinks. Are your toe rails, natural teak that you just let get silver? I ask as they look smooth and mine if I don't varnish will get to a silver grey, but will be very rough looking. Yours looks nice and smooth still. Anyway have a great one!! Would love to hear about possible charter purchases. I really would like to learn to sail, but I'm looking for a good experience overall.

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