Cele mai mortale atacuri de rechin MARATON!

Cele mai mortale atacuri de rechin MARATON!

Rechinii sunt printre cei mai mortali prădători din lume. Astăzi încarc unele dintre cele mai mortale atacuri de rechini înregistrate vreodată! Capitole: 00:00 – Introducere 00:31 – Devoratorul de oameni din Matawan 12:18 – Destrămat de doi rechini 22:33 – Rechinul tigru mănâncă supraviețuitorii naufragiului 32:43 – Shirley Ann Durdin Atacul rechinului 42:29 – Mușcat în jumătate de un mare rechin alb


22 thoughts on “Cele mai mortale atacuri de rechin MARATON!

  1. Your monotone narration reminds me of a male narrator his channel is called criminal listed once I got used to the monotone style I actually enjoy it

  2. Y’all! This woman’s voice is SO annoying! If you like shark attack info, try the channel Sharks Happen! Hal, the host, is a great storyteller and has a smooth, non-annoying voice!

  3. Robotic voice. Is that read by a bot? I gave a thumbs down bec you can´t have it both ways. Describing an attack they are "vicious" and "savage beasts" and then you call them admirable and to be respected at the same time. Where is your respect? They are animals. They are not mindless beasts. Sharks don´t kill for personal thrill or pleasure like humans do. Who is the real savage? Sharks attack bec they are hungry, are provoked or defend territory. They shake their heads bec that is how they are built in order to use their teeth. They don´t do that out of spite. They circle prey to be safe and watch before lauching an attack. It is not to impose extra fear. It is natural behaviour. My heart goes out to the victims, their families and loved ones. If you decide to enter the water, do so at your own risk. Stay safe. Be kind and respectful towards nature and with each other.

  4. Bit his head off n savaged his body and héld bits under for a hour…is there any chance of him surviving….Mum forgiving or what…Next door boy give me a black eye n the old girl wanted to kill him let alone if id been fucking eaten

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