Imagini proaspete arată o barcă indoneziană de pasageri navigând în timp ce ardea

Imagini proaspete arată o barcă indoneziană de pasageri navigând în timp ce ardea

Abonați-vă gratuit la canalul nostru YouTube aici: Au fost lansate imagini dramatice cu o barcă de pasageri indoneziană în flăcări în timp ce naviga în provincia indoneziană East Nusa Tenggara pe 24 octombrie 2022. Puntea superioară a lui Cantika Express 77 a luat foc în drumul său de la Kupang la Kalabahi, ucigând cel puțin 17 persoane și eșuând multe în mare timp de până la șase ore. Sprijină-ne: Urmărește-ne pe: Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram : Linkedin: #scmp #Asia #Indonesia


26 thoughts on “Imagini proaspete arată o barcă indoneziană de pasageri navigând în timp ce ardea

  1. South China Morning Post showed an interview with Margaret Cho saying when Asians want to be productive they really want to be White. SCMP seems to agree with this antiwhiteism racism. Do they believe this is Asian self-hatred too?

  2. The international law is very clear on the South China Sea:
    – parts of it belong to some ASEAN countries including Indonesia 🇮🇩,
    – the rest of it is the international water,
    – no part of it belongs to China🇨🇳 or Taiwan🇹🇼.

  3. At least it appears that the boat was equipped with enough life vests for everyone and nearly all, if not all, the passengers were rescued. They seemed rather calm despite the gravity of the situation. And that's important. Glad most were brought back to safety….

  4. At least 19 people died and missing coz panic and di an early jump while the boat still moving, others already swept away by the current while waiting for being rescued. The Police still doing investigation because theres a different number of passenger compare with the manifest.

  5. Bro if it was a plane on fire, I bet not even the fuselage can be found.. this is why I travel by ferry, at least there is a considerable chance of survival compared to plane accidents

  6. A coworker of mine became a victim in the accident. She had just returned from her village, to mourn the death of her mother.

    She was assigned as a civil servant on a remote island. She was only 23 years old when she died.

    Her body was interred next to her mother's grave.

    Goodbye, my sister, Khusna Fatmawati. Rest in peace.

  7. 17000 island ?!!
    With that amount of island, they should have the biggest Navy & Coast Guard in the world, so an accident like this should be responded quickly.
    Those death / missing is preventable.

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