Actualizare importantă a canalului – MADAGASCAR!

Actualizare importantă a canalului - MADAGASCAR!



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20 thoughts on “Actualizare importantă a canalului – MADAGASCAR!

  1. Wow, cool, I loved it when Delos was there. They went around the cape of Madasgar (Cap De Ambre) and down a little south to this Island (Nose Be) where they were spending most of the time they were there. I love the lemmings. Its a beautiful laid back place. Relax and enjoy.OH MY GOD that Ending was PRICELESS ! Do watch out for thieves. Lock the Dingy and Motor at night while at anchor. I wonder how hard it would be to find a little 12v fuel pump for the diesel ?

  2. FYI- Starlink will likely not work offshore for an ocean crossing– it still needs to connect to a ground station nearby. The sat-to-say laser links that will provide ocean coverage are still being launched and need to make up the marjority of the constellation for that coverage to work. But coverage within some range of the shore should work, and starlink seems to be well worth it so far.

    All these migrants/refugees are displaced because government oppresses people. Lets not sugar coat it– government is an armed gang that subjugates a region and causes all the suffering in the world.

  3. Hi Family, I've been loyal to ur channel for quite some time now, and I've come close to having anxiety attacks on a few occasions, because the kids have come too close to falling off, and I've seen when ur both talking to the camera, point in this video, that nobody's watching them. I've asked so many times WHY they are not wearing their lifejackets. No reply, also the norm these days, I'm not a patreon, just a subscriber. So I'm gonna wish u the very best, safest, happy voyages, but it's goodbye from me. Take care much love. 😢😭🐳🌈🇨🇦🇦🇺

  4. Just curious, would you have Patreons without Youtube? Without us that are not patreons watching your channel religiously you would not have the algorithm you have. And without patreons you would not have as good as a cash flow for your great videos. Thanks for throwing us a bone once in a while. It's kind of like putting the horse behind the cart. Nice content.
    Edit..F Trudeau

  5. I used to feel sorry for the boat refugees in Australia as we used to live in Indonesia on our own boat and see them take off trying to get to Australia but years and years later I worked with one of them from Iran and he was the most lazy person I have ever met and was constantly on his phone trying to fight the war back home in his language screaming and yelling and was allways protesting every weekend in Adelaide Australia and the Australian government set him up with a new house brand new cars and brought his family in too what a joke

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