Cum am ratat vreodată acest loc?! 😍

Cum am ratat vreodată acest loc?!  😍

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21 thoughts on “Cum am ratat vreodată acest loc?! 😍

  1. Trying to squeeze a bit more warm weather out of this fickle 2022……We had a weekend of 26 deg C in Tasmania last weekend and today I drove from Launceston to Hobart (2 hour drive) and struck snow. 4.5 deg C and bitter. Any planning around weather seems fraught with danger in these strange times.

  2. Hey Dom, I’ve just recently got into spear fishing, just back from 4 months touring Europe and beyond in a Land Yacht and currently at home in Scotland. Very jealous of your visibility btw, it’s pants here at the moment. Anyway, quick question, which model of Teak-Sea gun did you get, and was it direct? Do you have an affiliate link or something? Anyway, keep up the great content, I’ve been following since you bought Cadoha not too far from here…. Cheers, Fraser

  3. The quality of all your footage is just next level awesome. Combine that with brilliant music choice, seamless editing, wonderful narration and story makes this one of the best sailing YouTube channels. And best of all no gimmicks just honest, clever and passionate. I love it and appreciate all the effort you both put in. I'm so sad that I don't have 2 cents to rub together to support your efforts and back up my appreciation with something more tangible than subscribing, commenting and clicking on the like buttons.

  4. We love that you’re really championing our beautiful coast, it’s something we’re aspiring to do with our page. Our journey is just beginning on our baby boat, we’ve had a few setbacks but we’re finally sailing again. We’re currently on the north east coast, with plans to do Scotland in spring and then head to the south coast in summer. We definitely feel your pain with the phone signal issues 😂
    Give Hank a cuddle from us, he’s gorgeous! 🐾

  5. Ahhh Mevagissey, always visit this charming old fishing port when we are in Cornwall, love it. This is why I enjoy all your videos, you are sailing in my most favourite parts of this beautiful country, Cornwall and Devon. Plus the quality of your posts is exceptional. Well done from me too x

  6. When you were foraging the mussels decimating any one cluster wouldn't have been so bad. Decimation is 1 in 10. That aside, the colour-grading of your underwater looks better than I used to get with a GoPro. Are you using a Paralenz?? And if you ever get an extreme hunger for lobster again try diving for them at night, its so ridiculously easy that it actually feels like cheating. Obviously take a torch but try to only use the edges of the beam to illuminate the area you're looking at.

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