Viața de zi cu zi la bord: navigați în CERCUL ARTIC! (Partea 3/5)

Viața de zi cu zi la bord: navigați în CERCUL ARTIC!  (Partea 3/5)

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50 thoughts on “Viața de zi cu zi la bord: navigați în CERCUL ARTIC! (Partea 3/5)

  1. On a Dutch Schoener/ sailing vessel! As Dutch, after following your channel since 3 yrs, funny to hear Dutch language on your episode😅. What a nice voyage!

  2. I found you guys by watching Eamon & Bec and have binged your entire life and finally caught up. You guys are absolutely amazing and the experiences you are giving those 2 boys will last a lifetime!! Safe travels to all!

  3. Man, they really earned that moment of Freya making up or coming to an understanding with Kratos. That middle ground of "I can not forgive you, but I also can't kill you." feels like the right direction to take that.

  4. I went and read up on the ship from the last video. She's a mighty thing. Considering that all y'all live on the water in a warm place and go vacation on ship in the arctic, yikes! All the clothes and cold must be annoying with children, they'll want out as soon as they're finally dressed.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures 😊

  5. Amazing trip to polar area on old metal sail boat. Thanks 🙏 so much for video. Your boy’s look like they are enjoying too. We subscribed folks really appreciate what you are doing without a sailboat ⛵️ of your own. Nice creative, exciting experience that I would never except for this video.

  6. Like in a matter of days, prob since you uploaded this vid… You guys have quickly become my favorite family vlog! 💙 would LOVE to live this life… Your kiddos are enormously blessed to have y’all as their parents! 😊

  7. Nice to see your family on a fun vacation exploring the northern region of the world. I can see your wife really appreciating you on this trip Being a good dad and naturally taking over helping with the kids more. I notice the expression of both of you parents appreciating each other and recharging your batteries in a relationship way. Good for both of you. Enjoy. One day I would love to try sailing. I’ve been invited on the ba ha ha annual trip from San Diego to the sea of Cortez sailing armada as a helper for the 3-4 week event. Don’t know if I can swing it but it’s next year about this time.

  8. Great vids guys. Can’t wait for part 4 & 5. I have to say, it does look like hard work with it being freezing, wrangling the kids, trying to also respect other passengers with noise etc.

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