Aterizare în BRAZILIA | Navigarea Florenței Ep.141

Aterizare în BRAZILIA |  Navigarea Florenței Ep.141

LAND HO pe insula exclusivistă braziliană de vacanță Fernando de Noronha. Merită să traversăm un ocean fără să vă vedem pământul timp de 12 zile pentru a ajunge pe această insulă paradisială, în timp ce evităm delfinii în drumul nostru pentru a explora plajele uimitoare ale acestei insule îndepărtate. Navigam în jurul lumii de 6 ani după ce am plecat din Anglia în 2016 la bordul ambarcațiunii noastre de 37 de picioare Florence. Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce împărtășim culmile, minimele și provocările călătoriei în jurul lumii cu barca, navigând în larg peste Oceane și explorând locații îndepărtate cu propria noastră casă mică. Viața cu barca în larg, pe ocean și în afara rețelei. Sprijină-ne pe Patreon: Ne poți urmări și prin blogul nostru la Echipament: Iată un link afiliat către cea mai recentă cameră Insta 360 care folosim pentru a captura fotografii asemănătoare unei drone atunci când navigăm în larg fără dronă: 00:00 – Introducere 01:01 – Navigare către Fernando de Noronha Land Ho! 05:19 – Delfinii lui Fernando de Noronha 07:47 – Costul lui Fernando de Noronha cu iahtul 08:41 – Plimbare cu barca în Fernando de Noronha 10:36 – Explorarea țărmului 12:20 – Ancorajul la Fernando de Noronha 14 :40 – Petrecere în Brazilia 15:49 – Data viitoare #Sailing #offshoresailing #OceanSailing #Ocean #sailingaroundtheworld #circumnavigation #SailingYachtFlorence #BoatLife #boatlifestyle #yacht #SYFlorence #AtlanticOceanSailing #Sailing Cabana în ordine dublă: .com – Licențiat Keep Walking – – Creative Commons – Atribuire Creative Commons 4.0 Licență Growing Fond – – Licențiat A Simple Life – – Licențiat Blue Bay – – Licențiat A New Reckoning – – Licențiat Sunset Road – – Licențiat


37 thoughts on “Aterizare în BRAZILIA | Navigarea Florenței Ep.141

  1. While I lay in my bed in my warm house and watch this video, I think of you two in the world of wetness that you live in. I’ve been at sea at night and when I am there I think of my bed in the warmth of my house.

  2. Wow, £65 ($76.75) seems absorbingly expensive…especially for anchoring. Are most places free of charge when anchoring, or are places starting to charge for this now?

  3. What a beautiful place! Pity it is so expensive! Filmed beautifully and story well told….again! The penny has just dropped that your videos are 2-3 months behind in time. I am guessing you are going to spend the winter in the Caribbean and push on to England in May?

    Thank you ⛵️

  4. Hi guys have you thought about what you going to do after finishing circumnavigating the world are you going to go to places that you love or just give up sailing which I don’t think you would Cliff from Logan city Queensland Australia from the big island

  5. You capture the sea like no other. I watched it again for a second time on a larger screen this morning. While friends of the YCA have received their awards, don't fret. Your storytelling and cinematography are superior. Being popular in skimpy (at best) swimwear is for views, content be damned. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.

  6. Out of all the sailing channels I watch on utube your channel is absolutely the very best. The videos are so real without all the drama or staged events. To sum it up it's so real and not phony. The only thing that makes me sad is the thought of you reaching England in a short time and all the amazing scenes and adventures will be sadly over. Maybe you both will find being back in civilization is not for you and you will start another trip around the world. Thankyou for all the great entertainment and a chance to see the world through your lives. God bless and safe travels on the last legs of your fantastic adventure. Lol

  7. Fernando is not quite Brasil in miniature.
    It seems much more rocky than the thousands of miles of continuous sand with tropical foilage that I'm used to.
    Fernando is rich Brasilians playground (the 'Monte Carlo' of Brasil).
    A favourite beach custom is to put your deckchair a little bit actually in the lagoon water and have a caipirinha – I suppose you tried that drink, aided by the fact that i don't recall seeing any tidal difference all day.
    Checking in – yes, even tourists have to go for language lessons.
    I've met people who have never heard a foreign language spoken in their life, and believe that everyone in the world must be able to understand português.
    You've no idea the surprises I could tell you.
    The music you heard is "pagode" and I've seen people dancing to it, while waiting at the bus stop for their bus.!!
    Anyway, you're off now to Guyanne française – let's see how compares to places that you and I know.
    Happy sailing.

  8. What to say to the Great sailors and explorers of the ocean sailing. I love you.

    No words to find to thank you for the opportunity of learning Earth's fiscal geography, and to admire your stories told every two weeks in words, by photos, and accompanied with appropriate music.

    You are becoming better people each and every day during your voyage. Your love is greater every day. Why is it worth to circumnavigate the Earth on Florence? If you have had any doubt about it before, follow Matt and Amy's voyage on their beautiful boat.
    Thank you and continue safe sailing! – Michał

  9. Nice episode! I love the little baby boat / tender y’all have. The shots were the dolphins were amazing, and so was the whole island part of the video. Maybe while you’re in French Guyana you can stop and look at Korou Space Center. It would make the space nerd in me very pleased. Either way good episode and fair winds!

  10. Another great video! Brought back memories of when we stopped there twenty years ago. Loved those dolphins too! It was April and rained quite a lot, but the surf was up and our son had a good time in those waves with some fellow cruisers. It was expensive then too and we didn’t stay long either. Looking forward to see where you are taking us next!

  11. I think you're one of the best sailing channels on YT at the moment. No BS, no drama and no million $$ catamaran, this is all about sailing, travelling, hiking and enjoying. Authentic. Thank you for these great videos.

  12. I am just in awe after watching every episode! Too bad you aren't good with a camera or composition, this could be a really great channel! Oh WAIT! THAT IS why you are such a great channel! And might I add, that we have the same likes for musical scores! You have topped the list! I post your individual shots on my FB page because they are worth it for everyone to view! And, of course, I give the credit to you. You really deserve to be over 150K subscribers! Enjoy your time in Grenada!

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