1000 de dolari pe noapte! JAMAICA – Sailing Life on Jupiter EP113

1000 de dolari pe noapte!  JAMAICA - Sailing Life on Jupiter EP113

După mult stres și bani, în sfârșit suntem legali în Jamaica. Cu toate acestea, averea noastră avea să se schimbe curând. Niște prieteni noi din Jamaica ne-au răsfățat putred! Vino să te bucuri de el cu noi. Dacă obțineți valoare din videoclipurile noastre, indiferent de divertisment sau educație, arată-ți aprecierea susținând canalul nostru. SPRIJĂ-NE AICI 👇: ALĂTURĂ-NE echipajului nostru „PRIME” de pe PATREON pentru lansări video timpurii, FĂRĂ ADUZĂRI, actualizări săptămânale ale videoclipurilor în TIMP REAL, grup privat de facebook, apeluri video, „CONSULTANTĂ GRATUITĂ” și chiar să navighezi cu noi!!! Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/LifeonJupiter CONTRIBUȚII ONICĂ : Paypal :https://www.paypal.me/SJRohan Sau pur și simplu cumpărați-ne o cafea :https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LifeonJupiter SPRIJĂ-NE GRATUIT! dă-ne un THUMBS și ABONAȚI-vă la canalul nostru! GĂSIȚI-NE AICI 👇: Like și Urmărește-ne pe FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LifeonJupiter Urmărește-ne pe INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lifeonjupiter2 Verificați site-ul nostru pentru mai multe informații despre noi și Jupiter²: https://sailinglifeonjupiter.com DESPRE NOI: Jupiter² a fost construit în Filipine de un designer australian pentru Jamie. În timpul liber de la serviciu, Jamie a trăit la bord și a călătorit în Asia de Sud-Est. Unul dintre visele lui de viață este să navigheze în jurul lumii. Planurile lui s-au unit la sfârșitul anului 2018, când a întâlnit un cântăreț de lounge filipinez în China. Prințesa tânjea după o vacanță, deoarece a lucrat mulți ani pentru a-și întreține familia. În cele din urmă, frații ei și-au găsit propriile locuri de muncă și ea a decis să se alăture lui Jamie pe Jupiter² și să meargă la navigație. A fost o decizie sălbatică pentru ea pentru că nu navigase niciodată înainte. Pentru prima dată, navighează timp de două săptămâni în jurul Phuket, Thailanda. A început să vadă ce îi place lui Jamie la mare. Ambii și-au demisionat la începutul lui 2019 și au început să lucreze cu normă întreagă. Sperăm ceva inspirație pentru „Renunțați la job și mergeți la navigație”. MUZICA: Toată muzica de pe epidemicsound.com Obțineți o probă gratuită de 30 de zile utilizând acest link: https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/tvlggs ECHIPAMENT CAMERA: Cameră principală: Panasonic LUMIX GH5 cu 12-35mm f/2.8, 25mm f /1.7, 45-150mm f/4-5.6 & 100-300mm f/4-5.6 II Stabilizator de cardan : DJI RSC2 Cameră de vlogging : GoPro 9 cu mod media și IPhone 12 Pro Max Litechaser Pro | Sistem de filtrare Iphone 12 pro max Microfon : Rode Wireless Go II & Zoom H1N înregistrator la îndemână Cameră subacvatică : GoPro Hero 8 clemă flexibilă pentru fălci GoPro GoPro stick de cameră cu trei căi și suport pentru trepied GoPro Dome Filtre GoPro Polar Pro Dronă : Editor de software DJI Mavic Air 2 : Davinci Resolve 17 Utilizare laptop pentru editare : MacBook Pro 15 inch Touch Bar 2017 MacBook Pro 16 inch Touch Bar 2019 Ne vedem la următoarele videoclipuri cu navigație și călătorie. Pentru afiliere de afaceri, contactați-ne la: SVJupiter2@gmail.com © Sailing Life on Jupiter 2022 #mumby48 #cyber48 #aluminiu #performancecruisingcatamaran #sailboat #sailing #catamaran #ustour #worldadventurers #worldtour #yachtlife #boatlife #sailingaroundtheworld


22 thoughts on “1000 de dolari pe noapte! JAMAICA – Sailing Life on Jupiter EP113

  1. The masks are probably mandatory for the staff. I hope the whole world will soon come to realize the joke is on us and we can all toss the masks in the trash.
    Happy Birthday ya Lucky Dog!!

  2. $$$$$$$$$1,000.00 per night!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$ Now you can complain. The most i ever paid was in Urbil and it was $1,700.00 per night U.S.$ but their Embassy got me a rate at only $425.00!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!!🎂 🥳 🎉 SOOO HAPPY YOU STOPPED AND ENJOYED SOME OF JAMAICA!!! NEGRIL HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS. We always go to Dunns River Falls. It a trip where like 12 people or 6 couple are taken and dropped off and all load up into a tricked out hummer looking truck with a paint job that is a yellow vehicle with a pic of "Don't worry be happy" one of his biggest hits. Also painted on other side of truck saying "going on a bumpy ride" and it is BUMPY, VERY BUMPY!!! WITH THE SONY DONT WORRY BE HAPPY PLying loudly you are driven up the mountain where you reach a part of the falls. It's a beautiful turquoise milky blue water. Most beautiful water you'll ever lay your eyes on. It's about 30 feet wide and runs the length of the island. Water flows fast. You need good water shoes and there Re huge and small stones that even places that are slides. Caused by the water rushing over an area for hundreds of years. Bob Marley music is playing the entire trip. You'll see young and old Jamaican people all up and down the creek. You'll have ha e guides the entire way of course to show you where to walk and not to walk. Some places you have to form a human chain, hand to hand its made to help each other from falling. Guides point out strain places deep so you CAN jump from trees down to the deep hole. The guides are usually young boys from 12 to 20 climbing g and jumping to show you where to jump and LA d….fun to just watch, like we do! Also you get to see big and small waterfalls too! And my how beautiful the scenery is and the atmosphere is amazing and of course cold red stripe beer offered along the way as are most people on the trail. It's the biggest attraction for tourist. So much fun! At the end of the journey they have a manmade long trail of wooden steps and small bridges you'll cross and this leads you to huge hut where you are fed spicy jerk chicken, redbeans and spicy rice and that's what Jamaicans are famous for, the JEFK SPICY flvor. I always buy a bottle of the spice to bring home. In the hut you'll find shirts, caps, their cignature stripped hats with their colors red, black, yellow, and green. I always buy ankle bracelets and the little Bob Marley man and a women carving. They also have a set up of several big screen tv's so you can watch the day trip of you and tour husband or whomever was your partner for the day. The guides the cameras in to video your trip and they do let you bring along your own comers on the trip. But they capture much more than you might. Like moments with your partner for the day and you can purchase the CD for like 20 bucks. Sounds like a lot of money but you have to remember that none of these guides have never been out of these mountains and have families to feed and shelter. This is there only way of making money. They have tip jars with your guides NAME on it so you can tip them.
    TIP-Take it from me, someone who calls Jamaica their second home and has visited many of their families and spent time getting to see their homes which are USUALLY made by bamboo or cement blocks and no more than 1, 2 or 3 rooms. From grand parents all the way down to the youngest males family. The youngest males make the living for the whole family.
    Usually you'll see the grandmother crocheting. The women are crocheting the hats and dolls for their own little children and grandchildren which are the only dolls or toys the kids will ever see. I've learned over the years to take a water proof back pack filled with little trucks n cars, dolls, crayons and coloring books which i teach them how to use. I take markers, glue, scizzors-child size and adult. Material, thread, needles,measuring tape, everything it takes to make simple clothes for children, men and women. VRious other things as well. They grow sugar cane, well it actually wild so they have sugar so I take huge bags of rice and flour, corn to plant and popcorn, lollipops, and huge bags of assorted candy. There are usually 12 in our group so the men take so many tools even strong folded shovels and various items men use. And 6 of us woman take all the food. And we all take different stuff. We've been 21 times so the families know us by name now and are so happy to see us every year. They always have clothes made for us with tiny shells they use S decorations and tie into knots that are hanging from our skirts and other items they're made with love. We all ship our suit cases and boxed items for the families FEDEX. Ne sr hD a problem with everything arriving on time. we backpsck in everything d drop it off with our guide. After he drops us off at the trail he then takes the boxes and our bags up to the people and when we are finished with our daily hike and adventure for the day we will end at where the people live and that is when we open up all the boxes And all the families are there and I have cooked lobsters an fish and so much food for us And it is like a big family reunion. We have learned how to speak their language in Jamaica they speak puchua And have learned a lot of English and some of the younger boys know English fluently so they have helped out so much with us being able to teach the women and children how to use what we bring in. We also teach them how to store it so that it doesn't go bad and how to cook certain things but they are very very wise people and basically already know how to do all of that. we only have 2 teach a few things. Our husband's take in a lot of seeds and we have taught them how to grow their own gardens and how to store it once it is harvested. We have Started with one home and now have an entire village that we have taught how to grow and harvest the food and how to use the food Started with one home and now have an entire village that we have taught how to grow and harvest the food and how to use the food We bring in such as the flower, grace, salt and many many other things We bring in such as the flower, grace, salt and many many other things That have made life so much easier for them plus they get to enjoy a variety of food they have never had the chance to eat in their life. They even have learned to save the seeds from some plants so that we can take in different seeds and not the same each year. They even have learned to save the seeds from some plants so that we can take in different seeds and not the same each year. When you have so much at home and you see a family is living on so little it is the most amazing and overwhelming feeling you get when you are able to give and help and pay it forward and we see them paying it forward by sharing with other Close by communities and teaching. there is no crime up in the mountains so they have no worries of Stealing or Or any other types of crime. They do a lot of leather work so they always make us the most beautiful sandals both men and women and I have so many pairs that I cherish and they are amazing at the quality and the craftsmanship that goes into each pair is incredible. They are able to understand understand how to trade a $1 bill for Jamaican money which they are able to then use easier. So I always tell all my friends that visit Jamaica to take a lot of $1 bills to use for tipping the better you tip at a resort the better quality of service you will receive which they treat all Americans as if they are Movie stars and it is sort of funny. It is easy to talk them down from high prices because at the end you will win out because they want to sell whatever it is you're wantin if something is $20 then you can talk then down to 5 or 7$ But my heart breaks for them so I try not to talk them down much and I always pay close to what they're asking for. When I buy things. When we go to the mountains we ALWAYS LEAVE THE 5 FAMILIES IN THAT COMMUNITY with $1000.00 EACH HOUSEHOLD. THEY TELL NOONE THEY HAVE IT SO THAT THE BUS DRIVERS BRINGING OTHER TOURIST UP THEIR DOESNT FIND OU NOR THE DRIVER.
    BETWEEN US 12 ADULTS, 6 CoupleS, 1000.00 ISNT a lot of money to come up with between that many people. If you can the 5 to 10k vacation then you can afford to help the less fortunate. Doesn't have to be a lot. Just do what you can. Every year they always have us bags and bags of the best coffee in the world which is the Blue Mountain coffee straight from the blue mountains of jamaica and we never leave Jamaica without several bottles of the spicy rum which you cannot get anywhere else in the world And they most awesome other thing which is the bottles of rum cream Which they are famous for and can only be found in Jamaica.. It can be used as a coffee Creamer or in alcoholic drinks and various other things like cooking cakes and pies it just has an amazing flavor. I use it sparingly mostly in my coffee. Just thought I would share all of these tips and tell a little of our story so that if you choose to go to Jamaica you will know a little about things you can do. Just remember even at asanda's resort You can talk them down when you are purchasing things from all of the booths that they set up on the beach somedays that sell leather products and close and various other things.
    So glad Jamie had a great birthday and that yall did stop at Jamaica I just wish you had had more time so that you could have went up to Dunn's River Falls because it is the most fun. the best sunset can only be seen from that end of Jamaica 🙂 🌅 🌅 🌄 HUGS from your favorite Tennessee 🇺🇸 fan

  4. That should have never been wired that way. Anytime you have a splice or open wire connection on a sailboat it should be covered with heat shrink to prevent corrosion. I had to call you on it this time around although I have seen your soldering and past connections suffer as well. Why do things fifteen times when you can do them just once? lol 🙂

  5. happy birthday! there are stairs leading down to the water at all of those properties, people cliff dive and snorkel all through the caves. a thousand dollars a night at sandals is for those who want all inclusive i.e. endless drinks and food. we took over all 14 rooms at that castle @15:45 for about about that price when we had our wedding there. lol @ the main attraction, that's not at all the case.

  6. The ole' dicky switch rears its ugly head…. I hate when that happens. I've got to agree with you, those kinds of resorts aren't really my thing either. After a day or two I'd be wanting to get back to my own boat. Nice for a brief change of environment though. Happy Birthday Jamie!

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