Nu suntem nicăieri aproape de finisare (MJ Sailing – Ep 259)

Nu suntem nicăieri aproape de finisare (MJ Sailing - Ep 259)

Folosește codul MJSAILING pentru o sumă suplimentară de 10% pentru reducerile de Black Friday devreme și ajută-ne canalul. Totuși, în videoclipul de astăzi, facem un tur al progresului pe care am reușit să-l facem până în acest moment – un fel de punctul de a face sau de a sparge temperaturile care acum se răcesc prea scăzute pentru ca noi să putem lucra cu rășini fără a folosi asistență încălzitoarelor. În unele zone acest lucru este foarte ușor, iar în altele… ei bine, cred că vom afla asta de îndată ce ne întoarcem din Amsterdam. Încerc să arăt zonele finalizate din carena lui Max Cruise 04 & 06, pentru a-mi face o idee despre ce mai avem de făcut. Și alertă spoiler, este mult. Dar, programul nostru se deschide acum cu adevărat pentru restul toamnei și pe tot parcursul iernii, așa că sperăm că vom putea să avem săptămâni de lucru foarte pline și să avem multe finalizate până când temperaturile se vor încălzi din nou anul viitor pentru noi. să poată fixa partea superioară a cabinei. Sperăm să vă placă turul și vă rugăm să ne comunicați orice sfaturi sau trucuri pe care le cunoașteți care ne vor ajuta să grăbim procesul! 😀 Speram sa va placa! Link către barca noastră: Mulțumim MULT Patronilor noștri. Acești susținători extraordinari ne ajută să ne menținem pe barcă, echipamentele noastre de cameră la zi și videoclipurile care urmează. Fără patronii noștri, aceste videoclipuri nu ar fi posibile. Pentru a vă înscrie în rândurile Patreon, vă rugăm să vizitați sau Cumpărați-ne o bere prin PayPal! sau Ajută să contribui la construcție cumpărând Lista noastră de dorințe Amazon! Adresa de livrare: Kentmorr Marina 910 Kentmorr Road Stevensville, MD 21666 Vă mulțumim!, Matt și Jessica – Obțineți marfa: https:// Videoclipuri realizate de Jessica, cu Matt și Georgie. 00:00 – Vremea asta nu este normală!! 00:54 – Introducere 01:26 – Să facem un tur al punții și al cockpitului 04:59 – The Bridgedeck (galerie și salon) 08:10 – Să construim o comunitate scoțiană 10:10 – În carcasa proprietarului! 12:50 – The Master Head 14:47 – Guest Aft Bed & Wet Head 18:02 – Forward Pademonium 20:28 – Un episod interesant pentru tine săptămâna viitoare 21:18 – Muzica de închidere: To Better Times – Alder Pandemonium (Versiune Tribute) ) – Echipamentul camerei Mondays folosit: – Panasonic Lumix GH5 – Microfon de pușcă Shure VP83F – – GoPro Hero8 Previous Boats: 1983 Trisalu 37 – aluminiu personalizat, construit în Quebec (Elements of Life) Unde am Am fost: 2,5 ani reparații în Indiantown, Florida; Abacos, Bahamas; St. Barth; St. Maarten; Antigua; Saba; Azore; Irlanda; Scoţia; Norvegia; Anglia 1989 Sabre 34 Targa (Serendipity) Unde am navigat cu ea: SUA – Bahamas – Jamaica – Cuba – Insulele Cayman – Honduras – Guatemala – Belize – Mexic – Bermuda – Azore – Madeira – Insulele Canare – Sint Maarten – BVI – Software de editare USVI: Site-ul Adobe Premier Pro: Facebook: Instagram: & /mj_wayfaring/


29 thoughts on “Nu suntem nicăieri aproape de finisare (MJ Sailing – Ep 259)

  1. I am much older than you 2 but when I was your age a longtime ago I would fix the leak you speak of and do whatever it takes to keep the tent at a working temp while working. Also you said a while back you start work at around 9:30 to 10 am and stop in the afternoon. You should double that work time and be in the tent working by 5am and stop at 7 to 8pm. Dont go out for lunch eat while your working and cut the beers down by three quarters. I worked longer schedules than this all my life, never drank and today I have been very comfortably retired for 8 years and I am in my early 60s. So in short you need to do what I call get the LOA or get the lead out of your ass! I enjoy your channel but you should and could be much closer to finished than you are. Dont take my words as negative or mean. Take them as getting busy. Boat is looking good ok.

  2. Keep on chugging along peoples…. Hopefully ( if you’re like me maybe not ) this will be your last project for a while. The more effort you put in now the less nit picking you’ll be doing once it’s painted!. Maybe it’s time to invest in a nice Festool sander and vacuum system?.

  3. I make my own sanding blocks up to 2foot long by cutting a length of 4"×2" to the desired length.Then cut a roll of sandpaper the length of 4×2 ,plus enough extra to return up the ends and to the top so you can secure by stapling

  4. Well, we could also focus on how much IS complete…you two have worked your butts off and it shows. By the end of 2023 you should have just a bit if anything left to do. The last couple of months should really get your blood pumping to get on the water. Good luck and god speed!!!

  5. You should get something like Festool rotex 150 for sanding , its make sanding much easier whit 2 modes of sanding in one and smaller version 90 for tie places

  6. You're too funny. "Yeh, I know you wish you were her, HONK!" You're too cute. I have my own cold while I'm watching, but still giggled.

    Really enjoy seeing how much is accomplished. This made it clear the level of logistic going on as future choices have to be considered in the current build efforts. Lots of things to keep juggling in your collective heads. Is there some sort of check list to keep track of all these things?

    Also, you made the point that build labor is limited by power availability. How much electrical do you to draw from in the tent? Do you have a rough idea of what you spend per day for electrical/propane in the winter/summer?

    Thanks for the walk through.

  7. Put up some cut-out pictures of what specific areas should like. Eg. A picture of the comparable: finished heads, galley, navigation station, engine room, wet lockers, bed rooms, etc. Agreed the weather and temperatures vs heating capabilities will dictate type and quantity of work over the winter season.

  8. I didn't appreciate just how big your project was.

    Is your projected finish date in 2023 or 2024?

    As for your problem with running cables, I'm surprised you haven't got sponsorship from one of these companies that makes portable battery systems, that you can plug all your power tools into.

  9. Yes Jess, lot's more work to go but an extraordinary amount of work done to date. Strong work by you and Matt. How much do you anticipate using the electric engines vs the diesel engines?

  10. feel better. more cooking, please. be nice if you could fix everything to sail and finish the rest underway. It doesn't need to be finish entirely to sail away and finish the rest underway. finish owners hull. finish the guest hull underway. if it floats and sails Your good to go.

  11. Now you know where 20 to 30 thousand hours go … don't worry to much about your intial fairing as paint thickness will build up , be careful about cupboard doors and hatches still fit as they will grow with painting ….. keep at it

  12. I’ve been watching you guys for years. When that first trailer came with the boat components I was so pumped, as I’m sure you were. But as time has progressed I’m losing interest. There are only so many green boards that I can look at. Cutting, sanding, grinding…how much can we watch.

    I can even see it in your eyes. That excitement is gone. You want to be sailing. You want to be enjoying the Caribbean instead your preparing for more cutting and sanding and grinding. I’m sorry but this is supposed to be exciting for me.

    I know your in it now and you have to see it through but you have to admit this is way more work than you thought. It’s going to be 4-5 years before your sailing again. That’s too long for me to wait.

    I have a great life but I’m up there in age. I have commitments that’s would be too difficult to get out of at this point. You guys are my outlet. I would have loved to be able to live on a sail boat but I have to many obligations that I have to meet that this would not have work for me.

    So I’ll catch up with you when it’s fun again this is not fun for me anymore. I’m sorry to be such a downer. Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right. I think this is wrong for you but I’m just a tired old man.

  13. Hey just say Matt I appreciate yawls videos give me something to watch and entertain you do a guy goes to the great job looking to do the lords and ladies thing for the family for Christmas but I had a question for you guys about the light so you have in the boat where’d you get those that I have something similar in my garage and I like your look better thanks

  14. Lot of respect for you all. Your tenacity on this project is amazing. Always look forward to the week's video to see how you've progressed. I'm sure it seems daunting, but I believe you will see it through no matter the challenge.

  15. I had no idea that fairing would comprise such a lot of the work. It will be well worth it and make the boat more liveable, attractive and durable.

  16. You need to get you an air file. Like a long board sander, but air powered. Make fairing those large flat surfaces much faster, and a lot less work than hand sanding it all. Any body shop supply can sell you one. Not expensive. FAST !!!

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