Ar trebui să cumpăr acest proiect Ieftin cu barca cu pânze Bluewater? (Van De Stadt Victory 40) | Sălbatic Sailing

Ar trebui să cumpăr acest proiect Ieftin cu barca cu pânze Bluewater?  (Van De Stadt Victory 40) |  Sălbatic Sailing

În acest videoclip, arunc o privire asupra unui Van de Stadt Victory 40. este un proiect uriaș cu o barcă Bluewater cu mult potențial, dar poate mai mult o reconstrucție decât un fixator superior… Lovely Gents… Keith: Domnul Artfrob cu barca de lemn 😉 : Instagramul meu: @boat.fella Facebook:… Întrebări despre afaceri: Bărci frumoase, trimiteți aici: Mulțumesc foarte mult oamenilor incredibil de generoși care folosesc linkurile de mai jos PayPal: Ko-fi: wildlingssailing


39 thoughts on “Ar trebui să cumpăr acest proiect Ieftin cu barca cu pânze Bluewater? (Van De Stadt Victory 40) | Sălbatic Sailing

  1. Run!! They would need to pay me to take it. You would need well north of $100k to do it properly and many years of your life. Go buy one already done and proven.

  2. Get the best boat in a class you can truely handle in a gale, without getting too stressed! Personally I wouldn’t touch “a lot of potential” ……. Your boat is just around the corner, so keep taking those trips!

  3. Hey mate! I brought a roberts 50ft in wayyyy better condition cheap but has cost me 50k on materials and rent so far! 4 years later and probably another year to go!!!
    Keep saving and buy a yacht thats in good condition!
    Love your channel keep looking!!!

  4. Walk away mark, that’s a ridiculous amount of money for a boat that should be a giveaway. If you have more money or can borrow, buy something you can get sailing with basic modifications and maintenance- you have spent so much time working on the last boat and deserve more time on the water travelling and enjoying sailing rather than toiling more

  5. Hi lovely guys! I think that it will be a good idea that you consult the case of this boat with Aladdino from Magic Carpet coz he is a boat builder and they have already restored two good quality sailboats 😀

  6. If you’re off to cornwall you should take a look in the multi hull centre in Millbrook there’s a lot of cats there some for sale, it’s 20 minutes from torpoint and plymouth, if you do go let me know and I’ll put you in touch with a friend who has a large cat there that he’s been living on a working on.

  7. If you proceed, buy the study plans for the Victory 40 from Van de Stadt. They're only $30-50 and will show you how the boat was built. The hull is not solid fiberglass. This construction is cold molded. Stip planking with GRP skins. Very strong, stiff, and light if the wood is in good condition.

  8. Mark, if you find yourself venturing towards Dover , Rye, Eastbourne area to look at any potential boats we can put you up at Camber Sands as a freebee. Central to these areas and a great walk on the beach ! Message if you need the accommodation .

  9. Please keep Yoshi … he loves you … he is your friend for life … he trust you … he is part of our family too …
    He is a famous little guy … love him on the boat show …

  10. Also shout out to the Sailboat Community out there help him out … Tally Ho has alot of help … he is also deserving and young but more importantly has a love for sailing and will share is adventures with all of us … somebody has a sailboat they don't use so come on let's get him back out there … and how about a beautiful young lady co captain to share adventures with him … support him he is worth it …
    Thank you ….

  11. No Dude, Mark, Hit the reset man. There are more than 3 ways to skin a cat. Back up a bit. What made your channel was the sailing. Boat building was ok for a while but it got old with Minke.Yeah you did it. But at what cost? What was your channel growth sailing vs boat building. Not to say building doesn't get views and subs. You need a mix. You were rebuilding Minke for over a year. Time to go sailing to retain your subs and get a ton more dude. Get a 35-40 footer that needs minor work but you can sail asap. Take a loan out. Buy a 30K or 100K boat ready to go. You can make the payments. Dude you had almost 100K views on this vid already! Get to the caribbean or Mediterranean. Get a friend on board. Your channel will grow if you are sailing and not fixing all the time. Are you a boat buiilder or a youtuber?

    Seriously though your followers will help you out with a down payment on a sweet new ride. A buck a sub would get you $70K. Do it. Just ask for the money. It's not charity. We want to see you suceed dude. Set up a Go fund me and ask for 100K for a new boat. Come to the states, buy a sexy newish boat for way less than in EU. I mean it, buy a SEXY boat. Girls like nice boats. 😉 Sail the Caribbean and S. America. Hit 150k Subs in less than six months. Justy try it. You have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.

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