Cea mai ușoară cătușe moale cu oase de câine [Dyneema] | Înțelepciunea navigată

Cea mai ușoară cătușe moale cu oase de câine [Dyneema] |  Înțelepciunea navigată

▸ MATERIALE NECESARE PROIECTELOR NOASTRE: https://a.co/6y07tiz ▸ MARFĂ: https://teespring.com/stores/rigging-doctor ▸ ABONAȚI-VĂ DIRECT la noi ca să nu ratați niciun episod: https://www. riggingdoctor.com/subscribe ▸ COMISIILE DE PICTURA: artisticeyestudio@gmail.com ▸ ARTĂ DIN VOIAJA NOASTRĂ: https://www.bluefeatherfineart.com ▸ CANALUL CHARLIE & GERRY: https://www.youtube.com/c/PirateParrots21 Acest videoclip vă va arăta cum să faceți o cătușă moale incredibil de puternică și mică, care poate fi folosită ca o șnur moale în loc de vechea ta de bronz! Osul de câine îl face incredibil de sigur, fiind, de asemenea, foarte ușor de deschis și închis. Urmăriți videoclipul și în cel mai scurt timp vă veți putea face propriile cătușe moi cu ușurință! 0:00 Cum să faci Dyneema Dogbone Soft Hanks ↓BINGE WATCH↓ BINGE WATCH DE LA ÎNCEPUT: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlDgR504BxwnlEhveyFpjTUi6LLA4_s4L ▸ BARCA NOASTRĂ (15968): https://www.youtube.45968 com/watch?v=brlatJgDP28 ▸ MARFĂ: https://teespring.com/stores/rigging-doctor ▸ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/riggingdoctor ▸ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ sailingwisdom ▸ SITE WEB: https://www.riggingdoctor.com ▸ COMISIILE DE PICTURA: artisticeyestudio@gmail.com ▸ ARTĂ DIN VOIAJA NOASTRA: https://www.bluefeatherfineart.com ▸ CAMERA PRINCIPALA: https://amzn.to/3kYDNTs ▸ CAMERA SECUNDARĂ: https://amzn.to/3x9icwm ▸ CAMERA SUBACACĂ: https://amzn.to/3FBXFni ▸ CAMERA STABILIZATĂ: https://amzn.to/3kUewcM ▸ LENTILE DE NOAPTE: https://amzn.to /30HTuHe ▸ DRONE: https://amzn.to/3DzcgiB ▸ MICROFON: https://amzn.to/3DElSst ↓PARTENERIATE↓ ▸ PREVICE VENT: https://www.predictwind.com/?ref=riggingdoctor ▸ SUN OVEN : https://www.sunoven.com/riggingdoctor ▸ ANCORE MANTUS: https://www.mantusmarine .com/?affiliates=119 ▸ OVERKILL SOLAR (PARTE BATERIE LITIU): https://overkillsolar.com/?myboi=187478592 ▸ CONECTARE BATERIE (PIESE BATERIE LITIU): https://www.batteryhookup.com (Pentru un plus 5% reducere, utilizați codul promoțional: RIGGING5) ▸ AQUOS ELECTRIC OUTBOARD: https://www.aquospro.com?sca_ref=1008159.oxyRUafA2y ▸ CELELE DE LITIU: https://www.docanpower.com/index.php?route= product/product&product_id=455&tracking=06ORmUMyyrYyEpQ2VkP7mUHWKgx9B9SeQB6gb57tAV7ag91SsfJ5D2FxQRDgTqmm ▸ CELE MAI RECE STICLE DE APĂ: https://thecoldestwater.com. : https://thecoldestwater.com/RiggingDoctor-giveaway) ▸ AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/shop/riggingdoctor Muzica: „Faded War (Instrumental)” de Josh Woodward. Descărcare gratuită: http://joshwoodward.com/


29 thoughts on “Cea mai ușoară cătușe moale cu oase de câine [Dyneema] | Înțelepciunea navigată

  1. Brilliant. The cross bury is a great idea. Did you steal one of Maddie’s kitchen knives? Easy to follow as well. I like the travelogues but you know me. Give me sailing and messing with ropes.
    Jim & Karen

  2. Ahoy! Skipper! I've got my Amsteel gray but my dog must've gotten into the bones … where can I find some of those puppies? (Can't see 'em anywhere on your Website or your shop.)
    duh, guess Ah'll hafta try Giggle.

  3. Audio is way too low! (Your trailer really blasts when the vid ends.)

    @04:45 "The most important part is when I'm all done, no one sees any ink marks, it's all nice and clean."
    Well, nice and clean is great, but WHO would be looking at your HANKS?

    @07:10 "'Why are these coming out on opposite sides?' Well, it's very simple, and you're gonna see that right now."
    Skipper, throught this video (and all those I've seen so far) you make a great effort to make everything clear, even when it isn't very simple. Kudos to you, sir!

  4. Can you explain the reasons you use a dog bone over a button knot soft shackle, to me you are adding extra weight and only eliminating half the hardware. Is it just for ease of attachment/detachment and a little less profile ….. just interested

  5. I like it! But how do you keep from fumbling your dog bone shackles overboard when taking down the jib? Do you use a small piece of string to tie them to the gromet "permanently" like a brass one?

  6. Where can we get the dog bone/toggle piece? Is there a part number or model number? I got some 5.5 inch carbon steel shears that one side has micro serrations so it grips the fibers and they don't slip/squish out. They work great, but the did cost about $30

  7. Is there a way to predict the decreased breaking-strength of a non-tapered splice, or is that one of those "There are waaay too many variables to accurately predict that" things?

    For instance, you said that the shackle has a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs, but how much is that reduced if you don't taper? Is the new limit 9,000 lbs? 200 lbs? Is that calculable, or would you have to do a bunch of "bad" shackles and yank on them until they failed? (Doing an "n" of 30 to get a statistically-significant test sounds … tedious) I.e., is there a nice mathematical equation, or would you have to "engineering" it?

  8. Herby – very cool video. Appreciated! Is the dog bone the only option for hardware for closing these soft shackles? Is it the tight space between the sail edge and the stay that keeps the soft shackle from releasing? How do you make sure that if a soft shackle comes undone, you don't lose it? Thanks!

  9. Thanks Herbie!
    I was planning to change the hanks of my stay sail to soft-hanks. So this is perfect.
    Important question:
    Where did you get the dogbones? Any option in EU?
    Cheers, Carlos

  10. I have a large amount of knot soft shackles I use frequently for any reason. Originally made most for sails on lines as staysails. Now they can be used for everything. I would like to know more on the comparative use of styles? Possible a non metallic dogbone will have me try this. Think I could mold resin impregnated rope section if none are available. Thanks for another fine tutorial.

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