Găsirea problemelor 64 de picioare în sus | Episodul 19 | Multă muncă cu barca | Sailing Catalpa II

Găsirea problemelor 64 de picioare în sus |  Episodul 19 |  Multă muncă cu barca |  Sailing Catalpa II

Acest episod, Lee, vă duce pe toți la catarg pentru o inspecție a platformei. Noroc tuturor pentru vizionare!! Pentru a vedea mai multe dintre videoclipurile noastre și pentru a vă abona https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEjpiYKr-hCbtqwC8RXwtg? Pentru a ne SPRINI și producțiile noastre să devină un Patron, acest lucru ne ajută să finanțăm realizarea videoclipurilor noastre, așa că dacă îți plac aventurile noastre. Vă rugăm să consultați pagina noastră Patreon. Fiecare fragment contează și vă apreciem foarte mult pe toți! Aceste videoclipuri nu ar fi posibile fără tine. https://www.patreon.com/sailingcatalpa Aflați cea mai bună modalitate de a ne sprijini chiar acum, deoarece încă ne pregătim Catalpa II https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-get-us-off-the- dock?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet Pentru a-i cumpăra căpitanului o bere sau pentru a DONA doar pentru că ești o LEGENDĂ nenorocită https://www.paypal.me/sailingcatalpa Pentru mai multe despre familia noastră și despre călătorii, poți verifica site-ul nostru http://www.sailingcatalpa.com Urmărește-ne pe Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sailingcatalpa Urmărește-ne pe Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sailingcatalpa https://www.instagram.com /teensonthesea


31 thoughts on “Găsirea problemelor 64 de picioare în sus | Episodul 19 | Multă muncă cu barca | Sailing Catalpa II

  1. research the effect of LED's on the VHF..the Chinese made LEDs interfere…. but hey, Lee knows what he's doing! Thought you were an Ocean Beach, San Diegan Native…fitting in,,,n stuff! Good on ya!

  2. I realized toward the end of the video you were talking feet instead of meters. I figure due to the specifications with the boat, but I was still surprised. If you had brought a pet monkey along, all these problems would be handled much easier, you know!

  3. Hi Lee. As you were looking /talking toward the camera at 8:22, have a look at the corrosion on that forestay in the picture. It looks done for to me, so you might need to replace it. I could be wrong and you might catch it in time, but you don't want many more miles on that. FWIW, keep the mizzen till you've got some miles on the boat. It's a really handy addition, even in an anchorage.

  4. I fail to see where there is the letter "K" in the word "anything".
    It seems as though it is a new fashion statement to say "anythink".
    Your content is great, but anythink grates on me.

  5. Fun video…welcome to 2022, self tailing winches came into vogue 1983……😃 you will be a quick learn! Lee…curve the bill of your cap…you look a LA hip-hopper with the flat-ass brim! Good rigging inspection/ process…PB rocks. Good time for some halyard replacements huh? Enjoyed…thx…Andrew (Dean 400 cat)

  6. Ours has a solar arch under the mizzin boom but we are removing it to make getting on and off the back easyer. We will have a 360 watt panel on each side of the davits and the ones from the arch will be on the "lifelines" at the rear

  7. In 35 years of continuous cruising, the only shroud I've broken is the forestay!! Carry a spare forestay and staylok fittings!
    I despenced with the mizen 30 years ago. Boat sailed better and more usable area for solar etc.
    Take care, regards Paul

  8. the only time i don't use my mizzen is if I am solo for only a few hours. Sometimes with students I don't use it if it will be too much for them to comprehend or handle. Evry one wh owns a ketch will be against you changing.

  9. Strongly suggest keeping mizzenmast. I sail a Pearson 424 for more than 15 years. The sail configurations and heavy weather sailing options is amazing. Champagne sailing with jib and mizzen sail.

  10. As far as the height of the mast alone, how important is it. I would think the height of the mast above the boom X's the length of the boom divided by two would be a better approximation of the mainsail and the mizzen sail. You might want to compare the square feet of your main and mizzen sails together to similar sized and weight of boats to get a better approximation of whether you have to much sail. Also is your boat built as more of performance cruiser,then you would have more sail area. Just a thought.

  11. ….. does build #31, the non ketch, have a longer boom on the main mast, just wondering re sail area etc ….. Lee with it so nice and calm should send the gals up to experience the awesome view … Insta tells me you are in Mechico ….. being up the mast is awesomeness, seeing drone views first hand in real life …. looked like there was an eyelet at the top where you could clip yourself off …. thx for the share .. as always .. never stop dreaming, ust dream bigger .. have fun be safe, save our oceans …..

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