Este PREA APROAPE?! | Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep40]

Este PREA APROAPE?!  |  Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep40]

▸ MATERIALE NECESARE PROIECTELOR NOASTRE: ▸ MARFĂ: ▸ ABONAȚI-VĂ DIRECT la noi ca să nu ratați niciun episod: https://www. ▸ COMISIILE DE PICTURA: ▸ ARTĂ DIN CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRA: ▸ CHARLIE & GERRY CHANNEL: Herby și Maddie explorează plantele carnivore care trăiesc în Carolina de Nord. De asemenea, își ridică ancora în Carolina Beach și își mută barca la Wrightsville Beach, unde Herby ajunge să abordeze câteva proiecte care necesită atenția lui. 0:00 Traseul de capcană pentru zburătoare în Carolina Beach 1:34 Carolina Beach cu barca 2:40 Urmează testul cu transmisie directă vs. viteză de reducere 4:00 Ridicarea ancora 4:30 Îndreptarea către Wrightsville Beach 5:42 Curenții și gurile și efectul asupra vitezei noastre 6:50 Charlie este enervant! 7:27 Trafic cu barca cu motor într-un weekend lung 8:05 Intrarea pe plaja Wrightsville până la ancorare 8:54 Proiecte în timp ce la ancorat 9:54 De ce aveți nevoie de un suport pentru barca 10:57 Data viitoare ↓BINGE WATCH↓ BINGE WATCH DE LA ÎNCEPUT: https: // ▸ BARCA NOASTRĂ (1968 Morgan 45): ▸ MARFĂ: doctor ▸ INSTAGRAM: ▸ FACEBOOK: ▸ WEBSITE: ▸ COMISIILE DE PICTURA: ▸ ARTĂ DIN VOIAJA NOASTRA: ▸ CAMERA PRINCIPALA: ▸ CAMERA SECUNDARA: ▸ CAMERA SUBACVA: https://amzn .to/3FBXFni ▸ CAMERA STABILIZATĂ: ▸ LENTILE DE NOAPTE: ▸ DRONĂ: ▸ MICROFON: https://amzn .to/3DElSst ↓PARTENERIATE↓ ▸ PREVICEȚI VÂNTUL: https://www.predictwi ▸ SUN OVEN: ▸ MANTUS ANCHORS: ▸ OVERKILL SOLAR (PIESE BATERIE LITIU): ▸ CONECTARE BATERIE (PIEȚE BATERIE LITIU): (Pentru o reducere suplimentară de 5%, utilizați codul promoțional: RIGGING5) ▸ AQUOS ELECTRIC OUTBOARD: https :// ▸ CELULE DE LITIU: (Pentru o reducere suplimentară de 10%, utilizați codul promoțional: RD) (Pentru șansa de a câștiga o sticlă de apă GRATUITĂ: ▸ AMAZON:


29 thoughts on “Este PREA APROAPE?! | Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep40]

  1. A big shout out to Mattis Tell for his beautiful song playing during the opening. I wish you would credit the artist for their work by including a link in your bio. He has many other beautiful songs. 😍

  2. 7:20 do them parrots know they have a person on their feet? 😂. A short Trev story, when i was about 15-16 i lived in the country side of NSW’s Australia, and my family used to go to the Agricultural Auctions, most weekends, anyway one day there was a Cockatoo (which is a very common bird in Australia, they live to about 150 years old, so obviously his owner passed away, he mainly said “Jake” or want a cracker Jake, so nobody bid on him in his tiny cage, so i did $5 if I remember correctly (remembering farmers seen these beautiful birds as pest’s) and fine i got him, so I brought him a much bigger cage, and when trying to swap him over learnt quickly that he was more then happy to sit on my shoulder outside the cage (inside the house) so he used to put himself into his cage, he had probably been doing this his whole life?
    Anyway i had to leave NSW for Western Australia, i had weeks left, a month was pushing it, and i couldn’t find anyone who wanted Jake, but each day about 10.000+ of these Cockatoos came down to my dam, and used to eat something idk what, but Jake would carry out, in his cage like crazy, he could actually call these wild birds over to him, and they did, i asked every adult i knew, could I simply let Jake go? No no no, anyway one of these afternoons I intentionally left his cage open and put his seed and water on the outside of his cage, and he jumped on top of his cage, and sure enough all his “friends” came up as normal, (i was surprised with how much bigger Jake was compared to the majority of the wild ones, and when they finally left, Jake went with them, for days after Jake would come back with the other’s and speak, so i would put out his seed and water on top of his old cage,
    He simply wasn’t interested, he was so happy being free, I honestly believe he was just checking in, eventually he stopped coming at all, I honestly believe Jake is alive and well to this day, I believe he had to lose alot of weight (he was only used to flying around the small farm house, but as i said I truly believe he fell in love, and is still living happily ever after, Oh ps not to ruin the story but i did take him to the vet’s once, he had some mite’s (they actually treated with special flyspray) the natural plant long name py—— whatever is harmless to birds, but i asked could they tell me his age?
    Apparently he was approximately 20-30 years old, so basically a teenager like myself at the time.. so if they were correct he would be about middle age now! 100% true story.. so yes, under the Exactly right circumstances you can let them become wild again, and watching him play with all his new friends (he stuck out being so much bigger) and then happily flying away with them all! It made me feel so happy for him..

  3. Another very cool video of your continued travels! I enjoy watching these, much appreciated! Yes, boats can be maintenance intensive for obvious reasons!
    Thanks for posting this!😎⛵⚓

  4. How do you feel about the new Pod Drive systems?
    It seems as if you have the correct keel and rudder arrangement that it would be a more compact system.
    I only ask because there is a couple rebuilding a boat called the Lahakai that recently got one, although it doesn't seem that they have put it to use as yet.

  5. Come on dude, you're on a slow sail boat on the main channel with lots of other boats around, not in a no wake zone. If you didn't get splashed, trade paint or capsized, it's all good. Gonna have to stay off rivers, channels, especially the ICW on weekends or holidays, if you don't like other boats near ya.

  6. Hey guys, I've been watching your vids from the beginning. Love them. One question however, and I am sure it was asked before I do now. Question is: Do the birds crap and piss where they want?

  7. Surf city / topsail island is great.jacksonville nc is right there and
    Most marinas and shrimp boat dockages in sneads are great and treat you well there
    Check out Madisons seafood buffet in Sneads ferry across from office and there's a restaurant u can call who will come pick u up less the animals.
    There's lots of marina stores there also.topsail is a little pricey but empty this time of year.island is only 28 miles long.
    Beware of swans point marina
    ( big ugly baby blue polebarn building on icw@ sneads ferry ) its rachety.
    the entrance is very narrow between two huge pilings & shallow.its ususly silted shut because Bob the elderly gentleman next door to swans point is the only one takes time to work on it.swans rakes in money but does nothing.
    Shower.rooms are terrible
    Only 2 electric plug ups on the docks and Jim has one.🙄 he will tell you no live aboard but his crusty butt has been laying up there the 8 years.they can't seem to get rid of him.he caters to the big power boat guys and looks down his nose to other sailboats.
    He says all sailboat folk are good for is 5 gal of diesil and they steal your toilet paper.probably is speaking about his own self there.HOWEVER
    The haul out yard is separately owned by Dale fulter amd mark. they ARE good reliable folk.cheapest haul out for 200 miles so if you gotta…yeah.haul out there for buddy Glen gore lives there in his sailboat in the yard he is getting ready to should go see him. he is a dredged and lifetime resident of thisvarea all way to myrtle beach Glen is a wealth of knowledge and information on the icw and area.stop by and see him. he has a white truck and a 32 sv back of boatyard.
    Approaching Depth 7/9'
    Wakes are horrible at the T dock.
    Jim the grudgeonly "dockbound"
    dock master is RUDE as hell to other sailors.all the local sailors avoid it like the plague because of him and the condition he has allowed it to deteriorate into.he runs off good customers so dye to lack of buisness the.owner has let it fall to shambles.
    only place to tie up is the outside T DOCK.
    Next door is bobs
    They are amazing folks.
    Go see them and get Good scoops on any info u might need to know on the area.
    Fair winds.
    We are in navassa / leland.
    There's a great boat yard here called cape fear boat works.if u need service I'd head here its one of the only honest places in the region.owner is a retired judge.

  8. Ohhhh you're getting close! (Well in this video anyhow) 😉 A neat trick that I learned from "sailing emerald steel" (and it works great!) Is that when you bring in the chain, use a long boat hook and violently shake the chain every so often. It comes up mostly clean.

  9. OMG, the feathered kids cracked me up! This was the beach we recognized your boat, but you were not onboard! Still very exciting to see ya’s in the anchorage! Great video! One day Maddie we will eat nachos! They are my favorite!

  10. Re: potential shoaling at an inlet. Consider kedging (heeling) her over 10-20* which can effectively raise or tilt the keel up several inches to even several feet to get over a shoal or under a bridge. Multiple ways of doing so. Using the boom set abeam and a willing crew member on boom end, main halyard hoisting a weight up mast set abeam or as little as shifting all weight to one beam for a little extra clearance.We did this once using the boom and my son on the end at the marina to bring the masthead over and down to where I could reach it from an elevated seawall for a quick item that we didnt want to drop the mast for or use a bosun's chair.

  11. Love you guys. When I saw the varnish shot, and the lumps, all I could think was thin that stuff out just a little bit, and maybe the lumps would stir out and the thinning would have allowed deeper penetration into the teak. Just a thought. Carry on and I will watch. Cheers from Ontario Canada.

  12. hi dear friend, i am looking to buy a Sailboat in 7 months. i am looking for the right Generator Set Up. Gas, Diesel, Propane, Solar, or other.
    i have a 1,200 Watt Gaming Computer, 1,000 Home Theater System, 4K Resolution TV, & a Portable Heater.

    What would u recommend?

    in the beginning i will be working 7-18 hours a day (won't use Generator at this time).

    By December i want to

    Prepare for a Trip To The Philippines

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