Trăiește cu James și Plukky!

Trăiește cu James și Plukky!

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20 thoughts on “Trăiește cu James și Plukky!

  1. Lagoons suck is that a poke at Parley? lmao. For sailing they do in low winds. I been watching Wynn's and they went on a '50 or 55' HH cant remember exact size. The Captain moved his sail to the port from the center and he was hitting over 10 knots at 29 degrees. Plucky needs to watch that so he can have that option. 2 weeks ago I think. First time I have seen a non race boat do under 35 degrees with ease.

  2. Did you really put a ring through your nose ? Please explain why ? I am having a hard time understanding why anyone would put a ring through their nostril. I just want to to know why ?

  3. Wow, managed to watch maybe 30 seconds of this. Life's too short, I've got my own friends to hang out with if I'm interested in endless inane conversation (actually don't think we could arrive at this level of banality). I check in sometimes for sailing content, but this is not that. I'm not sure what it is, but it's definitely a waste.

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