Cât durează pentru a alimenta un SuperYachts? (Și Cât?) | eSysman’s Bits

Cât durează pentru a alimenta un SuperYachts?  (Și Cât?) |  eSysman's Bits

#superyacht #superyachts #yachts #boats OK, aceasta este o serie de videoclipuri scurte în care voi răspunde o singură întrebare din întrebările mele mai lungi și le voi pune într-un singur videoclip. De asemenea, voi posta răspunsul complet la întrebarea inițială din cauza constrângerilor de timp ale videoclipului original. Voi folosi, de asemenea, câteva întrebări care nu au ajuns niciodată la videoclipul original, așa că nu au mai văzut întrebări. Alăturați-vă eSysman Superyacht Club pe Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/esysman Obțineți acces exclusiv la videoclipuri nemaivăzute până acum, la fragmente de locații filmate în întreaga lume în timp ce filmați superyacht-uri și multe altele. De asemenea, discutați direct cu noi și puneți întrebări pentru întrebări și răspunsuri viitoare și sugerați subiecte pentru videoclipurile viitoare. Link către canalul de știri! 3 Minute de Maritime https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV1dJufuBCnn0H8h_PEJoDQ Aboneaza-te acum! https://youtube.com/esysmansuperyachts Urmărește-mă pe: Instagram – http://instagram.com/esysman_superyachts Twitter – https://twitter.com/eSysman Facebook – www.facebook.com/eSysman NOTIFICARE DE PRESĂ Toate imaginile sunt drepturi de autor al canalului de Youtube eSysman Superyachts. Nicio imagine nu poate fi reprodusă sau reutilizată fără permisiunea expresă. Dacă utilizați orice informație din acest videoclip, vă rugăm să creditați canalul eSysman SuperYachts. Dacă doriți să utilizați fotografii preluate din videoclip, contactați-ne în avans. Trebuie acordat și creditul canalului de youtube. Dacă doriți fotografii sau videoclipuri pentru utilizare sau sindicare, vă rugăm să ne contactați. Muzică de – Epidemic Sounds https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/arptj5/


48 thoughts on “Cât durează pentru a alimenta un SuperYachts? (Și Cât?) | eSysman’s Bits

  1. For amusement only and of common interest, an Airbus 380 airliner holds 253,983 kilograms of fuel or put another way, 323,546 litres. About 46% of the aircrafts take off weight.

    Fuel burn in flight creates a giant headache for the crew if the "Automatics" fail, meaning constant full time manual fuel movement, this to remain within limits so fuel is constantly moved to maintain balance and moved to stop the fuel freezing, moved from the outer tanks to the inner tanks for this reason, fuel at minus 40 degrees C can freeze.

    As it fly's the aircraft gets lighter and lighter. There are 11 tanks on board. Some tanks are used to maintain trim, which is critical. As for refueling time, this can be done, in about an hour. So imagine if you will the pressure used/required to refuel one of these in that time frame, and how many tank hoses are used? The fuel is delivered at 50 PSI .. then remember the tanks are 30 feet plus up in the air, not down hill into a super yacht.

    The aircraft is wanted back in the air as soon as possible, hence the need for speed. There is no real urgency in anything at all to do with marine traffic, voyages are estimated in days not hours as in aviation. The cost of one of these off the shelf back in 2012 was $480 million so not cheap.

    The running costs are out of this world, making yachting seem" affordable" burning off 250 tones of fuel in 10 /13 hours gives you a clue as to how much they burn per hour, which accounts for only 30% of the costs of operation. Go figure and why airlines have shied away from operating these giants, and why they must be kept in the air earning as much as possible. It is not uncommon for these beasts to fly or be airborne 18 hours a day 7 days a week getting rid of 500 tons of fuel a day. The same amount of fuel available on a super yacht might last more than 15/30 days… not 10 hours.

    There are a few private A380's out there, no kidding used by individuals although all are head of state aircraft often carrying one or two armoured limo's in the belly and maybe a security team of 40 guards plus the main party of maybe 60. In passenger service, they could carry between 525 and 830 passengers, so the private VIP types are not at all cramped. Hope that was interesting ???? Check out this link….. https://youtu.be/Mdb95LZk-24

  2. Do yachts have pumps to draw fuel in, or must they realy on the supplier to pump fuel into ship ? If they carry barrels of fuel to extend range, is it manually pumpped from barrel to the ship's tanks with had pumps? Litterally poured into the tanks ?

  3. I once many years ago went to the fuel dock to fill the 6 gallon tank for my dingy. There was a large yacht fueling, so I had to wait. After waiting about 20 minutes, the guy getting the fuel asked the guy pumping the fuel with a high speed pump “ You do accept credit cards – right?”

  4. Observation 2)
    I am somewhat qualified to answer fueling rates;
    The dominating manufacturer is "Wiggins" quick fuel .
    The flow rate for hose ends is 300 gallons/ min.It is similar for refueling Navy fighter Jets in flight, the space shuttle, Cat/ Komatsu mining trucks. All mining trucks have (2) huge metal tanks visible on their side, one is disel other is hydraulig oil.
    Diesel being 1200-1500 gallons. Hence 5 minutes in a mine. Fwiw those trucks never stop hence downtime is profits lost.
    Somewhat analogous would be quick fuel on Indy cars.How far does an Indy car travel in 3 seconds?
    Disclaimer: For M/Y capacities ask Uncle Sysman! I'd guess the 300/ may cross over to sea application due to safety. Temp plays a huge role. Locals may have rates they deem fit.

  5. Each one of those fuel trucks in the video would hold around 40,000 litres so to refill the yacht you mentioned with 370,000 litres would require 9 full tanker trucks worth. Just shows how large those tanks really are.

  6. Shortly after it’s initial shakedown, I was hired to do some consulting on Kismet while docked in Ft Lauderdale. One day they were “topping off” the fuel. They were using fairly pedestrian looking dockside pumps like you would see in a truck stop and 2 of the pumps overheated and failed in the process. If memory serves, the bill was around $80,000 for the fuel.

  7. I do have a question how much would the power bill be for using the land power cable? I heard there's enough energy in those lines to vaporize your hand it has to be a huge power bill

  8. I know taking 4000 gallons which is pretty small takes a number of hours from a fuel pump dock side. Then every 999.9 liters the pump would shut off and have to be reset. Have to walk back up the dock and reset it and then back down. It also take a while to get ready to fuel as well. All the absorbent rags, and covers that have to be put out as fuel lines need to be run through the salon to reach tanks on the other side of the boat. This was only a 24 meter boat, so quite small compared to a super yacht.

  9. Reynolds tobacco was seeking to diversify, so purchased Sea Land shipping, and built a fleet of fast container ships to dominate the European to america Atlantic trade. Then the first fuel crisis hit and these ships that used to cost a quarter million dollars to fuel suddenly became economically unfeasible , so were sold to the american government and converted into rapid response ships, to carry tanks and helicopters . oddly enough , they were never deployed in the first gulf war, I wasn't involved in shipping during the second gulf war, so can't say about that, except I used to occasionally drive past one that was always docked. What I can say is that it pays to have friends in high places.

  10. I was in the US Navy (several decades ago) and underway refueling would take a bit of time. My job was communications between our ship and the tanker or sometimes aircraft carrier we refueled from. With 2-10 inch refueling lines, one fore and one aft, we could take on approx 1000 gal per minute. Faster after the ship changed from bunker oil to JP5 – jet fuel for the boilers. BTW it's fun refueling from an aircraft carrier, with the flight deck the same height off the water as the top of our mast. Great shade when the sun was hot.

  11. If I threw open the doors of my treasuries, cast out my coin and jewels, my fineries and my animals…….
    I still couldn’t buy enough diesel to even cover the bottom of the fuel tank on one of these monsters. Its enough righteous indignation just filling the car!

  12. What's the news on the Scientology cruise ship breaking British maritime laws. They have apparently had crew with no training or seamens discharge book and they don't get paid and other laws broken for years.

  13. Fueling time depends on how much has been ordered and then divided by the suppliers flow rate or receivers acceptance rate, whichever is the lower. A few things to remember; a ship should not go below 10% remaining as part of the stability criteria and you cant fill to more than 95% due to the risk of spillage from vent pipes. Tanks are filled one at a time and the flow rate is reduced as it nears the 95% mark. Usually the governing factor is the size of the filler pipe from the fuel manifold to the tanks.

  14. I know when Roman Abramovič is coming to Dubrovnik Croatia because I live next to the port. with Echlipse Last time was 750 tone of fuel for 1.1 M dollars and it took 40 h to fill this. I think around 27 trucks but don't get me on this one.

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