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33 thoughts on “OFF-GRID pe SAILBOAT! [ep 40]

  1. Cheers Lauren Ally n firstmate Mako, and your friendly guests, amazing time together doing great stuff, as much as I love to watch you pull anchor and work sheets n hallyards, you need that anchor winch, and not a bad bak, take care I hear yuz are getting some wild weather as we and others did last year,, cheers time to you n ally n mako
    Ps Ally' such a good one to have around

  2. Jeezus young lady…gotta fix that windlass!! Your gonna hurt yourself!! Ohh, and I get you like the workout, but that strapping young buck could certainly grind on a few tacks, no??😬😬💪💪⛵️⛵️😎😎

  3. You hit the bullseye with this charter. The area between Exuma's and Grand Turks is no man's land. The objective of every charter boat should be to go where there is nobody. Your video is the first I have seen of this road less traveled. I am sad to see the trash on the beach. I believe that it's hurricane trash and not bad people. And you are moving closer to the Caribbean. Very exiting to a sailor who thought he had seen it all. If you can't catch your own food, you are not a player. Great job captain! A tip to make sailing easier. You don't have to do all this grinding on the wench. Just point the boat so the sail luffs, and you can pull the sail in by hand. Also, the fact that you pull up a chain anchor by hand is unprecedented. I have never seen a female sailor that can do this. And never seen a male sailor that is willing. For such a little girl, you must be Super Woman.

  4. Read what I just said to Captain Laura in private. I sailed for twenty years non-stop, 250,000 miles. "Fair weather never created an experienced sailor. Ask a sailor with experience which way is north, and he (or she) will say, "Are you married?" If you say no, the captain will say, "I will make it anything you want it to be baby." Lets dance. Best music ever. A #1 hit on YouTube. You are my hero.

  5. Don’t forget you can use your two speed winches to weigh anchor, get too the point that it’s straight up and down, tie off and run line back to the biggest winch and grind away! Much better than messing your back up! I damaged my back over 15 years ago and I still get days where I’m bed bound…. You’re a smart lass so when I say think smart not hard I know you won’t take offence! Your the hardest working young lass I’ve seen in years! Bravo! ❤

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