SSL659 ~ Preluare din urmă…

SSL659 ~ Preluare din urmă...

Multumesc pentru vizionare, tuturor! Cele două frigidere/congelatoare portabile pe care le-am testat în acest videoclip au fost SetPower AJ50 și TC65, dintre care ambele reprezintă o completare excelentă pentru orice soluție de rezervă în afara rețelei de pe o barcă, RV, Tiny Home, Vanlife sau chiar camping. dacă doriți mai multe informații despre aceste frigidere, accesați linkul de mai jos și nu ezitați să utilizați codul de reducere „Capitan Rick” pentru o reducere suplimentară de 12% la orice achiziție. Link de reducere de 12%: Alăturați-vă Patreon-ului nostru și alăturați-vă echipei noastre SSL! Vino și alătură-te nouă în timp real la: De unde găsim toate acele melodii grozave în videoclipurile noastre? Tuturor celor care contribuie la viitoarele noastre aventuri, Vă mulțumim! http://www.Paypal.Me/SailingTheLady Colecții de videoclipuri SSL pe Vimeo!


45 thoughts on “SSL659 ~ Preluare din urmă…

  1. Hey Rick, can you give info on the LG Dual Inverter AC? Is it also a heater?(I know you don't need that part). Does it have to be vented outside? Looks like it does fantastic on the boat!!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to Ricky, Mattie and Captain Rick, thank you for all the enjoyment in the videos you give to say nothing about all the information you give to other people.
    Enjoy Christmas and my very best wishes for the New Year "keep Going Baby"

  3. Re: the set power cooler. Do you know how that compares to a built in freezer in a boat regarding power use? You see boats in the 15 – 20 yr old range with freezers built in a cabinet. Does this portable unit compare favorably?

  4. I was really wondering the efficiency of one of those units .. I'm still homeless an refrigeration is the issue… This seems like a great solution…
    Thanks Captain Rick …

  5. 2 things too try – turn it up to -15 during solar day and then down to -10 during night and use some bottles dosed with salt with a eutectic point of -15 ? -12? – you also do a test run on it being full and not that full? – the extra bottles can be removed when you need extra space – Try the eutectic thingy on your big freezer

  6. Welcome back Rick! The solar generator with the 400w Panel. What is the max watts charging the generator with the 400w panel? You said you could add more panels. What would the max number of 400w panels that can be connected to the generator? If you're busy, no need to reply – I understand. I am just curious. :¬) Webhead USA

  7. Late but good to know Maddie and and little Ricky are back. Thanks for the review of those portable Coolers/Freezers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours.

  8. Capt. Rick, what happens at dusk and knight when no sun. Is the internal battery enough to power it thru the night or does it need to be plugged into an alternate power source for over night. Also I was wondering what the highest temp setting available is IE can it be a fridge too.

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