790.000 €/săptămână Charter Yacht: Lurssen 73 metri

790.000 €/săptămână Charter Yacht: Lurssen 73 metri

Absolut depășit! Cel mai mare și cel mai bun superyacht care a apărut vreodată pe AQUAHOLIC. Sponsorizat de: https://www.boatsandyachtswarranty.com În asociere cu: https://www.ultramarine-anchors.com/ https://www.yacht-solutions.co.uk/ https://www.vircru. com/ https://www.illuminated-yacht-names.com/ Cu mulțumiri către: https://ahoyclub.com https://instagram.com/aquaholicnick https://twitter.com/BurnhamNick https://facebook .com/aquaholicnick


29 thoughts on “790.000 €/săptămână Charter Yacht: Lurssen 73 metri

  1. That's a proper private cruise ship that is! Astonishing! Fun fact: most smart glass needs (minimal) current to stay clear. It's when the current is removed that the glass goes opaque. Mind blown! Thanks for the tour!

  2. Delightful meets janky AF, and for those of you not in music production, janky doesn't mean good, it means not groovy and making no sense. Maybe you have to see it in person to get it.

  3. As lovely as it was to have your wife join you on the tour I did feel she interrupted your normal flow a little bit. It actually made me think of the sketch with the two pilots in the "Come Fly With Me" comedy sketch show it just had that kind of feel to it, hard to explain if you haven't seen that. Great to see such a big boat on the channel, it really is next level. For me though having your wife as less of a focus/interaction and more just their as a reminder of where to go would have been better. Purely my opinion though.

  4. So, the skipper has the only bath on board……cool.
    An amazing boat, great tour as usual and I'm glad you took a guide so you wouldn't get lost…..much!! Hahahaha

  5. Super classy yacht! Many yachts like this tend to be gaudy. Who was that lady following you around? It reminded me of when you were a kid and a store owner would follow you around a shop to make sure you weren't stealing anything 🤣

  6. That is the first time I have ever seen a naked flame onboard a super yacht. I was quite shocked to see those candles. Surely that has to be a mistake by someone?

  7. I love this channel, the content is great, and I'm sure yachts of this size bring in the most views, but I'm really starting to hate seeing diesel spewing unaffordable apartment blocks with hulls to be honest… let see some tasteful, affordable wooden hulled sailing beauty or more solar powered innovations!

  8. The most beautiful boat/superyatch yet! And that's saying a lot! So beautiful refit! I love having you and Marianne together, but I prefer the camera going first, as that makes me imagine that I'm the one walking first so to say. Thank you!

  9. You two are a very good team for Superyacht touring, and thank you very much for making the experience double good 😀 What an amazing thing. By the way, all the handles to the right at 37:26 are for submerging the boat, I leaned that from the movie "Das Boot" 😁

  10. Magnificent yacht, magnificent tour. Well done.
    And a special shout out to your minder/host/kgb agent, the extraordinary beautiful (and tall) marketing representative who did her best to stay out of camera shots, but failed; equally magnificently 😀

  11. It's pretty easy to find a deck plan online from before the refit and it's an incredibly useful tool for following along.

    Thanks, Nick, for a great tour! From June of last year, apparently? 😉

  12. The video was so long that i fell asleep when you got to the bridge. When I woke up the video was still going (I'm not joking, I think I was tired).

  13. Mate, To be honest i think this is the best Presentation you have made so far on your channel. I look forward to a future with more Duet Presentations…

  14. Am I the only one that noticed the very tall woman standing in the hall way at 9:05? She has to be somewhere close to 6’5” at least. Nice yacht as well. Again another great tour.

  15. so far for the climate hoax. the cattle have to stay home while the billionaires, who tell us to stop breathing to save the planet, can go on with their pathological life. humanity is lost

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